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A politician retracts comments that Oprah Winfrey resembled Ian Wright disguised as Mrs. Doubtfire.

A politician has apologised after an obscene joke made against Oprah Winfrey in the Megxit interview, saying that she looked like ‘Ian Wright’ dressed in the role of Mrs Doubtfire’.

Lindsay Ash made the offensive comment online regarding the talk show hosting host’s participation on the famous chat show.

Deputy Ash the assistant treasurer of Jersey’s Channel Island of Jersey, apologized, but said the incident was”a bit of a storm in teacup’.

He tweeted on March 8, Monday: “‘This Harry and Meghan interview has caused quite a stir and I’m not sure the reason Ian Wright dressed up as Mrs Doubtfire to get it done’.

Then he said: “I apologise to anybody who was offended by it.”

After tweeting his first Tweet After the tweet was posted, Ash was Deputy Ash defends his tweets on Twitter by describing his first tweet as an ‘observational comedy’.

The author wrote that “It may be amusing to some, but it will offend others who want to be offended.


“I do not consider myself a career politician, and I will not follow a populist path to please as many often as is possible. In the words of the song”I am who you are’.”

However, Twitter users took to Twitter to criticise Ash’s tweet. Ash for the tweet, describing it as offensive and insensitive.

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