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Absurd father Chris Watts wrote psychotic letters detailing the murder of his wife and three children

Evil murderer In one of his horrifying prison letters to true crime author Cheryln Cadle, Chris Watts detailed the murders of his two children, Bella, age 4, and Celeste (Cece), age 3.

The letter detailed the murderer’s attempts to smother his two children before killing his pregnant wife Shanann at their house in Frederick, Colorado.
But his plan to kill his daughters backfired when they awoke the next day with bruises and nightmares from their ordeal.

Multiple interviews with police and FBI agents after the August 2018 murders revealed that the oil field operator had not confessed to the first attempted murder.
According to the Daily Mail, the gruesome and detailed letter was written by the killer and addressed to Ms. Cadle, with whom he maintained touch while in prison.

She had many interactions with Watts and got many letters from him, which she used as material for her 2019 book, Letters From Christopher.

Letters written by Watts were found by the Daily Mail, in which he states, “On the morning of August 13th, before Shanann and I had our argument, I went to the girls’ room first.”

I used a pillow from each of their beds, first in Bella’s and then in Cece’s room. This is why death was attributed to asphyxiation.He went on, saying, “When Shanann finally died away, Bella and Cece regained consciousness. I don’t know how they managed it, but they came to again. Both children were traumatized, with Bella particularly showing it in her injured eyes.

Knowing I went to their rooms first and still killed them at the battery location made it that much worse, he said.

In the letters, he reveals that he was hiding additional information from authorities by not discussing it during his prison phone calls to Ms. Cadle out of paranoia that he might be videotaped.

The murderer earlier stated that he killed his pregnant wife and two daughters in a fit of rage so that he could be with his lover and coworker, Nichol Kessinger.

Watts claimed in his letter to Ms. Cadle that he had been planning the murders for some time.

“When I finished tucking the girls in on August 12 and walked away, I said, ‘That’s the last time I’m going to be tucking my babies in,'” he recalled thinking at the time. The day before, I knew exactly what was going to happen, and yet I did nothing to prevent it.

In the note, he admitted to trying to induce a miscarriage by giving his wife a painkiller. It would be simpler for me to be with Nichol if Shanann weren’t pregnant, he wrote.

The book, which Watts believed would be his “story of redemption,” was written after he had apparently declined many interviews before he reached out to Ms. Cadle.

The author, however, does not approve of Watts’ bad behavior.

She started off her correspondence with the murderer by saying, “Let me just say, the crime was horrific, so I’m not writing you to tell you how wonderful you are or that I want to be pen pals.”

She eventually got a response from Watts after sending him three letters, and she visited him several times in jail while she was researching and writing the book.

Following their initial meeting, Watts gave Ms. Cadle permission to use his letters in her true crime book.Watts asked the writer to share his “testimony of coming to God and the forgiveness he received” in exchange for his blessing.

Watts had told police that Shanann was to blame for the deaths of Bella and Celeste, but the killer disproved this in his writings.

Isn’t it strange that when I think back, the image that stands out most is my wife’s face turning completely black with streaks of mascara?

“I’d been planning on killing her for weeks, and now the time had come.”‘I knew if I pulled my hands off of her, she’d still keep me from Nikki,’ he explained. To answer their question, “Why didn’t she fight back?” the answer is simple: “Because she couldn’t.”

After hearing the ruckus, Watts’s daughters rushed into the room to find out what was wrong with their mother.

Shanann’s corpse was wrapped in a bedsheet, and he attempted to carry her down the stairs, but she was too heavy, so he dragged her down the remaining steps and bundled her in the back of his truck.

The girls were just kind of racing around the house and watching me with fearful looks on their faces,” Watts told the author. When Bella began to cry, Celeste began to whimper. This has been a nightmare.

The females getting up and going around may have been God’s third attempt to tell me to halt what I was doing, I see that now.

He then took his deceased wife and their two girls to an outlying oil field that was part of his former business, Anadarko.”I dumped Shanann on the ground,” he informed Ms. Cadle, “then I walked back to the truck and with the blanket that Celeste was holding, I put it over her head and smothered her.”

The murderer then lowered Celeste’s body through an eight-inch hatch in one of the oil tankers, telling the author, “I couldn’t believe how easily it was to just let her drop through the hole and let her go.” When she landed in the oil, I heard a loud splash.

Bella, his eldest daughter, had witnessed her sister’s murder and subsequent disposal, and he told Ms. Cadle how he had put an end to her life.

He remarked, “Tiny, shy Bella had a fighting spirit.

Bella is the only one of the three that put up a real fight. Her sweet tiny voice saying, “Daddy, NO!!! ” will always be etched in my mind. She was aware of my treatment of her. Though she had no concept of mortality, she knew I was the one who was going to kill her.

Watts told Ms. Cadle, “When I dug the hole, it seemed a lot deeper than it was.” after he confessed to excavating a shallow grave for his wife after he murdered his children.

It was determined that she had been strangled and that the two girls had been suffocated.

After the murders, Watts made a public plea on American television for his family’s safe return, and his lies quickly unraveled.

Soon after the deaths, surveillance footage from a neighbor’s house showed that Watts had loaded up his truck and driven off.

The murderer informed police that Shanann and the girls had fled while he was at work, but surveillance footage showed that only Watts had left the house that day.

Watts then submitted to a polygraph exam conducted by the Frederick Police Department, the results of which ultimately proved that he had lied.

Watts confessed to killing his wife during a discussion with his father, Ronnie, but originally blamed Shanann for the deaths of Bella and Celeste.He denied killing his kids at first, but eventually admitted to doing it.

As part of a plea bargain in November 2018, before Colorado abolished the death sentence in 2020, Watts pled guilty to numerous counts of first-degree murder.

Three of his five consecutive life sentences for life without parole will run concurrently.

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