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After a 7-week search, Jackson Kidd was discovered to be deceased

Jackson Kidd, 25, was located following a 7-week hunt for him. Unfortunately, things have not turned out as his family had hoped.

When Jackson Kidd’s family and friends last saw him in April, he went missing. They believed it was abnormal for Jackson to vanish without making any noise.

Death of 25-year-old man not being investigated as suspicious
According to 7News, the authorities are not currently investigating his death as suspicious. Furthermore, no information regarding his passing has been provided.

He has been located, but not in the manner we had hoped.

Jackson Kidd vanished, as was previously reported, in Melbourne’s southeast. According to reports, Jackson was employed here. Sadly, contrary to what his family had hoped, the 25-year-old did not return home alive.

After going missing for seven weeks, Jackson Kidd was located.

His death’s circumstances are still unknown at this point. Police did, however, say that they would send a report to the coroner.

This catastrophe has now occurred weeks after it became impossible to find him. Both the police and the general public conducted extensive searches to find Jackson Kidd. His family expressed their appreciation for the assistance they received.

“Thank you so much for everything you did to help,”

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