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After a virus infects their computers, Westminster security personnel are being investigated for pornography

Westminster security guards have been investigated after being accused of watching porn on duty.

Staff from the Security Parliamentary Department were sent disciplinary letters after links to sleazy sites flashed up on computer logs.

A dozen guards, responsible for the safety of MPs and Lords, were invited to meetings to explain what has been dubbed “porngate” by co-workers.

However, two weeks later, the group was cleared after a computer expert ruled a virus had contaminated the office’s four computers.

The Trojan horse bug is believed to have spread after a single guard did watch adult material while on duty.

A source said: “The guards involved are absolutely furious.

“It was incredibly embarrassing because news spread around ­Westminster like wildfire and people were calling it porngate.

“They had to go home to their families and tell them they were facing disciplinary meetings over ­porn yet were totally innocent.”

The virus was discovered on computers just before recess in the summer but details have only now been uncovered by the Sunday Mirror.

A House of Commons spokesman said: “We do not comment on individual HR matters.”

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