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After Katie Price’s bedroom jibe, Carl Woods claps back at the Geordie Shore star

Carl Woods has hit out at claims he has to ‘tap out’ in the bedroom with his bride-to-be Katie Price.

The former Love Island star responded to jibes from Geordie Shore ‘s Robbie McMahon ahead of their Celeb MMA fight next month.

The reality TV stars are part of a group of 16 celebrities who will battle it out at the OVO Arena in London’s Wembley on June 24.

During an interview with Sky Sports ahead of fight night, Robbie made a series of digs at his opponent Carl.

He told the on-stage pundit: “He [Carl] don’t go no distance. I’m on the treadmill about three hours before he wakes up. I know how to train, all he knows how to do is fing smile.” “All you know how to do is try and make fing headlines,” Carl quipped back.

Asked what his game plan was, Carl claimed he would take Robbie down in the first round.

“One round, done, finished, out, I don’t need no distance, out, I don’t need no distance. One round, three minutes,” he said.
To which Robbie hit back: “I think he must be talking about the bar. One round when you’re in the ring with me, you’re lasting 10 seconds. I’m gonna bang you out, choke you out and pull your f***ing hair out. You’re dead mate.”

Robbie then slipped in a jibe about Carl’s fiancee Katie after being asked if he thinks Carl “taps out”.

“He taps out in the middle of f***ing Katie. I know that for a fact,” Robbie sneered.

This made Carl laugh as he retaliated: “Here’s another one looking for a headline.

“If I was as skint as him I’d fight me as me as well. Come on mate, what time you got to return that jacket. That says it all…”
Although he appeared on ITV ’s Love Island back in 2016 and is now dating Katie, he said he doesn’t see himself as a celebrity – and is just a normal guy.

He shared: “I was on there for like 10 minutes. I’m not a fame hungry person.

“I’m not famous now, I’m not a celebrity. I’m not in that category – I’m a normal guy. The truth doesn’t sell, does it?”

On his relationship with Katie, he added: “Look, I’m completely and utterly loyal. Katie will never have anyone as loyal as me, she just wouldn’t.”

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