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After Phil Mitchell betrayed Keanu Taylor, his death on Christmas Day was “sealed”

Fans of EastEnders think that Keanu Taylor’s recent actions could lead to a cruel death, and a shocking death will happen on the show this Christmas.

After a big lie, EastEnders fans are starting to think that Keanu Taylor might be killed off later this year in some very violent scenes.

This year, the character is supposed to marry his girlfriend Sharon Watts, but the recent return of his daughter Peggy and Peggy’s grandma Lisa Fowler has caused a lot of trouble.
People who watch the show know that a male character will die on Christmas Day, but they don’t know who it is yet. A flash-forward clip shows Sharon and five other women in The Queen Vic right before the death.

But if Keanu goes up against Phil Mitchell, the father of his ex-girlfriend and Peggy’s mom Louise Mitchell, it could be the end of him once more.

Lisa used blackmail to get Keanu to give her some money in the most recent set of shows. This showed that she and Louise were having money problems. Lisa was also addicted to gaming, which was the real reason she needed the money so badly.

Keanu got Lisa the money, but he stole it from Phil because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to see Peggy.

Keanu and Phil’s friendship is already tense because In 2019, Keanu cheated on Louise with Phil’s wife Sharon Watts, and she became pregnant as a result.

Phil hates Keanu because he broke up the family and was mean to Louise. The fact that Keanu and Sharon are now together hasn’t made things any better.Fans think that when the truth comes out about Keanu stealing Phil’s money from the club to pay off Lisa, he will be killed. Fans can’t help but worry about Keanu because of this and the fact that he and Sharon keep getting into fights.

Reiss, who has been keeping Keanu’s secrets and helping him at the garage, is also a new friend. But something Reiss said this week about Keanu, Lisa, and other characters made fans wonder if it was a hint that Keanu would die.

Reiss made a joke about someone in the kitchen being “buttered to death” while holding a knife. Fans also thought that Keanu would soon steal from Sharon and mess with Phil. They thought that Keanu would die at Christmas, which could have been his wedding day to Sharon.

One watcher said on Twitter, “Keanu is going to start stealing from Sharon’s business, so he could be a Christmas Day victim.”

Another person tweeted, “Reiss kills Keanu at Christmas? ‘Unless you plan to butter him to death,'” which made people laugh. “Did Keanu steal the money from Peggy’s?” asked a third. Oh no, Phil will kill him.”

After a creepy turn with Stacey Slater and newbie Theo, another character was thought to be the body on the floor this Christmas.
Fans know that Stacey has been posting pictures and videos to a site called Secret Cam in order to make some extra money. But Stacey said that one customer in particular was desperate to see her face and kept asking for her content over and over again.

Focused on something After he was seen checking in and looking at her content, it turned out that Theo was the client who asked her to go on cam. Now, people are worried about Stacey and afraid that the worst will happen or that Theo will leave her in danger. Not only that, but they think it could make this Christmas very emotional.

Could Theo go too far and end up getting killed by Stacey? Could the creepy character also drag the other women into dark scenes?

Fans think so, and many of them think that Theo will be the body this Christmas. On Twitter, people talked about how they felt about him being the one who goes.

One person watching said, “I wonder if the dead body at Christmas will be Theo?” Another fan wrote on Twitter, “Maybe Theo is the body at Christmas?”

A third fan said, “Martin’s hunch was right. It seems like Theo is not nice at all. Could he be the dead body at Christmas?” A fourth fan wrote, “Could Theo be the body at Christmas?

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