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Aisle 3’s CSS Service Sale to Product Hero Is Finalized

Aisle 3, an artificial intelligence-powered e-commerce platform, has sold its Google CSS “Comparison Shopping Site” service to Product Hero, the largest CSS service provider in Europe, for cash.

Product Hero, whose clients include Rituals and Ikea, gained ground in the market as a result of the deal. Aisle 3, an innovative online shopping platform developed by a group of e-commerce experts in 2020, employs proprietary AI technology to compile all online shops selling the same product into one tab. As a result, consumers need only click once to compare prices across multiple stores and complete their purchases.

Aisle 3 plans to invest the money from the deal towards building out its Cloud BasketTM and improving its patented universal product matching algorithm, all of which have contributed to the company’s meteoric rise to prominence in the sneaker market.

According to aisle 3 CEO Thomas J. Vosper: “As our sneaker buying experience ( continues to rapidly acquire traction, we move focus towards our AI engine. With over 10,500 registered shoppers on our platform, we plan to become the go-to place for UK shoes after we close our current financing round and launch at NRF in New York in January.

“Product Hero is an excellent new partner for the advertisers and agencies we’ve helped as they continue to run their ad campaigns through the EU-wide programme.”

Aisle 3 is finishing up its current seed round after successfully raising money from US VC FJ Labs and professionals from Amazon, Seedcamp, Snap, BigCommerce, and MoneySupermarket.

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