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Alicante hit by mini-tsunami leaving parts of Brit tourist hotspot under water

The rise in water levels around Alicante meant coastal walks in the area had been submerged, while several boats had drifted from their moorings

Tourist hotspot Alicante has been hit by a “meteotsunami”, leaving parts of the Spanish city underwater.

The local Policia Local de Santa Pola posted on their Facebook page to say the unexpected meteorological phenomenon had caused a sudden rise in tide.

The rise in water levels meant coastal walks in the area had been submerged, police said, while several boats had drifted from their moorings.

“It has caused different damages on the coast, so we ask for patience while the competent services carry out the corresponding tasks to mitigate the consequences,” it continued.

“Thank you Santa Pola! Always together against whatever comes!”

A meteotsunami, or ‘mini-tsunami’ is brought on by significant changes in atmospheric pressure, such as heatwaves.

Unlike tsunamis, they are not triggered by seismic activity on the ocean floor, but rather fast-moving weather events, such as heatwaves or severe thunderstorms.

The bizarre weather conditions come as temperatures in the Mediterranean are nearing 50C, with Sicily having reportedly recorded 48.77C degrees on Wednesday. If verified by the World Meteorological Organisation, the temperature would establish a new European heat record.

Spain’s weather service yesterday recorded a temperature of 46.66C in the Costa Del Sol, and predicted mercury levels could also surpass 43.88C in other areas.

Nearby, on Spain’s party-island of Ibiza, temperatures are sitting close to 40C.

The highest official temperature in Spain was recorded back in July 2017, when Cordoba baked at 46.9C.

Spain is one of many European countries that have seen extreme heats and intense weather events in recent weeks.

Italy’s fire service was kept busy last week with blazes in the southern town of Gravina in Puglia and San Giacomo degli Schiavoni, further to the north.

Warnings were issued in southern France, with forecasters warning of a “very severe risk” of fires due to the combination of dry and windy weather.

In Greece, many villages on the Peloponnese peninsula were evacuated today as exhausted firefighters battled wildfires for a ninth consecutive day.

At the other end of the Mediterranean, fires also tore through forested areas of northern Algeria on Wednesday, killing at least 65 people, state television reported.

Spain is the most popular holiday destination for British tourists, with around 18 million tourists flock from the UK to Spain each year, according to reports from the Express .

Many UK tourists opt to land in Alicante to travel to the province’s hotspots, including Benidorm and Murcia.

A spokesperson from the weather service in Spain has issued a weather warning, after the announcement that Mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands are facing a “probable heatwave”.

“This could lead to adverse effects on people’s health and to a significant risk of forest fires,” the spokesperson said.

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