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All about Murky Meg

Murky Meg is a YouTuber and an internet personality who mostly posts about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Through her activities on various social media accounts, she has managed to gain quite a huge number of followers. 

Murky Meg is active on most social media platforms. However, she has not revealed her identity to the public yet. 

NameMurky Meg
Age27 years old
Height5 feet 9 inches
ProfessionContent Creator
YoutubeMurky Meg

10 Facts on Murky Meg

  1. As mentioned above, Murky Meg is a YouTuber who posts content about the latest royal couple Prince Harry and Megan Markle. 
  2. She mostly posts content against the couple and has referred to themself as “possibly the No 1 most dangerous Anti Meghan human being on the planet”, as quoted by Sussex Squad. 
  3. She started her YouTube channel “Murky Meg” on the 11th of June in 2019. This channel currently has 60K subscribers. 
  4. She has a pretty regular updating schedule and has uploaded a total of 252 videos so far. 
  5. Murky Meg’s Instagram account “murky_meg” has 6.9K followers and she has shared a total of 776 posts so far. 
  6. She also has another channel called “Murky Meg Royal News” with 4.85K subscribers. So far, this channel has uploaded 4 videos only. 
  7. She earns an estimated amount of $232 – $3.&K on a monthly basis and $2.8K – $44.6K on a yearly basis from her main YouTube account alone. 
  8. Murky Meg revealed her face on her Twitter account recently in August 2020. Other than that, she has not revealed her name or most of her identity to the public. 
  9. Her Twitter account was started in August 2018 and she has 14.1K followers currently. She has provided a link to her YouTube channel on her bio. 
  10. She is also the host of a podcast named Murky Meg’s Podcast. We can listen to this podcast on platforms such as Podtail. For more news click

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