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At Tina Turner’s funeral, friends say their last goodbyes as the “Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll” is burned

According to rumors, Tina Turner’s husband Erwin Bach escorted a small number of relatives and close friends to a low-key tribute after her death because the modest Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll didn’t want a big public funeral.

Relatives and friends of the late music icon Tina Turner have reportedly gathered for her burial.

RadarOnline reports that the cremation of the Rock and Roll Queen has taken place in Switzerland.
It is unknown exactly where Tina’s ashes are, however a reliable source claims that she wanted them to be scattered near her beloved cats. In 2018, after the death of her firstborn son, she dispersed his ashes in the Pacific.

Tina’s close friend Oprah Winfrey and her husband Erwin Bach organized a small, intimate memorial service.

Tina passed away on May 24 “peacefully” at her home in Kusnacht, Switzerland, a suburb of Zurich. In May, we exclusively reported that only close relatives were expected to attend the funeral.
Personal assistant of over 20 years Eddy Hampton “Armani” remarked, “She did not want a big public funeral. She requested a cremation, which will likely be a low-key event for her close friends and family. Some sort of memorial concert or tribute will be held, I’m sure. The guests will include her closest friends and her manager from Switzerland. There won’t be a big celebration with the whole clan.

After the celebrity moved to Kusnacht, Switzerland in 1994, Eddy, then 65 years old, maintained contact with her. When she passed away in May of this year in Switzerland from natural causes, her second husband, Erwin Bach, was by her side. He had been there for her throughout her traumatic marriage to Ike Turner and their subsequent happiness together.

According to Eddy, an American who now resides in London, Tina has “left the past behind” following the tragic deaths of her two kids. She died of natural causes after a protracted battle with high blood pressure and kidney failure.

The Proud Mary singer allegedly died without ever having met her grandchildren or great-grandchildren, as reported by Page Six. Ike Turner’s daughter from his marriage to Pat Richards, Twanna Turner, told the media outlet, “No one had heard from Tina in a while, it happened so suddenly.” The time for healing has come. The family has been through so much and still is, and they really want and need to heal.
Two of Tina Turner’s children were born from her womb. At age 18, she gave birth to her first son, Raymond Craig, with saxophonist Raymond Hill. Craig Raymond, who went by the name Raymond, committed suicide in July 2018. He was 59 years old and had a history of substance misuse.

Ronnie Turner, Tina’s second child with ex-husband Ike Turner, passed away in December 2022 at the age of 62 due to colon cancer. Afida Turner, Ronnie’s wife, reared Tina’s two grandchildren, Randy and Raquel.

Tyson and Tyrese, Rquel’s sons, reportedly never met their renowned grandma. Apparently Tina was unable to attend Ronnie’s burial in Los Angeles. The decline in her own health is likely to blame.

Ike Turner Jr. and Michael Turner, both adopted boys, were also part of Tina’s family. Michael’s daughter, Tiffany Turner-Dukes, is married and the mother of three: a daughter named Marli and two sons named Amari and Gianni. Despite the fact that Tina’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren were never able to meet the legendary singer in person, family members claim that they all seem to have inherited her gift for music.

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