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Bannatyne snags Apple’s iGlove investment, but the company could take it away

Electronics entrepreneur Peter Jones was concerned that “Apple could close this business in one letter,” but Duncan Bannatyne, who works at a Den that is often worried with patents and copyrights, downplayed his worries.

At the time the show was filmed, Jones seemed to be alluding to the name of the device, claiming that Apple would take a dim view of the i aspect of iglove because it is such a prominent part of Apple’s branding with the iPhone, iMac, iPad, iCloud, etc.

However, the iGlove may have a cooler welcome than expected because the designers of the iPhone and iPad touch screen knew that the devices would be challenging to use in cloudy conditions and in chilly climates.

According to the US Patent and Trademark Office, Apple applied for patent protection for a glove in 2009, allowing users to access the touchscreen even in inclement weather even if their hands were covered.

The application warns that users may become frustrated if they are unable to use an electronic device because of the loss of tactile input that occurs when wearing thick or bulky gloves due to cold weather. If the user is forced to take off his gloves, however, he or she may experience discomfort because of the cold.

Apple’s glove has an exterior insulating layer and an inside conducting layer. The “apertures” in the outer layer’s fingertips allow the user to insert the desired digit, which may then gently caress a multi-touch display without exposing the user’s skin to the display’s surface.

After conducting additional due diligence, it is unclear whether or not Duncan Bannatyne ultimately acquired shares in iglove.

Although many people believe that Peter Jones is wrong and that Apple cannot prohibit every product that has the letter i in its name (the BBC’s iplayer is a prime example of this) Apple takes patent infringement very seriously, and the UK company that sells its gloves for ¬£6.99 in House of Fraser may soon be receiving a strongly worded cease and desist letter from t.

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