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Before and After Brazilian Sugaring Treatment Dos and Don’ts

Hair removal isn’t something women are looking forward to because of the pain they cause however, they can’t be prevented. It is even more difficult when you have to get hair out of delicate regions. You must be prepared and do some things to protect the skin in this situation. In this post, we’ve provided the guidelines that one should adhere to before or immediately after Brazilian sugaring. Find out more in the article!

Pre-Sugaring Tips

Here are some ways to prepare for sucking to help get through the process quickly:


Exfoliating your skin at night prior to treatment will help pull the hair in a smooth manner. It is recommended to use gentle scrubs to cleanse your skin as you’re in a delicate area.

Take a Hot Shower

It is recommended that you get a hot bath prior to the procedure. This helps the skin to be equipped for the treatment.

Keep Acidity Level in Check

Do not drink alcohol and limit you caffeine consumption during the course of treatment. It is because they increase the acidity levels within the body which makes the skin more sensitive to discomfort.

Take a Pain Killer

Brazilian sugaring treatments is quite painful. If you are unable to bear the discomfort or you are considering this treatment the first time it’s an ideal idea to have an aspirin half an hour prior to the procedure. This will ease the discomfort and allow you to remain comfortable during the treatment.

Post-Sugaring Care

Here’s a look at a few items that have to be addressed after sugaring:

Take a Cold Shower

The sugaring paste doesn’t leave the skin dry. The remnants of the water-soluble paste are removed quickly with a cold shower. You can also employ a damp cloth to remove the area you have treated.

Do Not Exfoliate

Exfoliation after sugaring is a huge no. It’s best to avoid it for at least 24 days after the procedure since the skin is very sensitive and soft. Also, the rubbing can cause redness or bruises.

Do not wear synthetic clothing

Fashion-conscious synthetic clothing should be avoided for the first day or two following the procedure since they could cause irritation. It is recommended to wear cotton clothing to keep you comfortable and protect your skin.

Avoid Extensive Work-out

A long-term workout can cause sweating, which causes irritation and redness of the skin after sugaring. This is why it is advised not to hit the gym for at least a day or two following the procedure. Additionally, avoid engaging in any other sports or activities that can cause sweating.

Avoid Steam and Sauna Bath

The steam and sauna is also a major no-no after treatment. Do not do it for at the very least 24 hours following the sugaring.

No Deodorant/ Scent

Simply let the skin breathe for at minimum two days. Avoid applying any deodorant fragrances, chemical-based lotions to that area.

The tips above are simple to follow, but they could be a big impact. Follow these tips for a seamless experience.

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