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Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Why Is It Seemingly Impossible For It To Return To Netflix?

Despite the passage of time, we have not yet recovered from *that* ending, and it is possible that we will never do so in the future.

The season one conclusion of Behind Her Eyes was a weird, horrific head-spinner that completely turned the narrative on its head. It turns out that not everything, and certainly not everyone, was as it appeared.

Is there any chance that the show, which is based on Sarah Pinborough’s best-selling novel of the same name, will be brought back for a second season?

Here’s all you need to know about the process.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2 Release Date

Behind Her Eyes Season 2

Sadly, as of March 2022, there are no plans to bring Back Her Eyes back for a second season on the small screen.

This shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, given that the season was always intended to be a limited series on Netflix, but… c’mon Netflix, surely there’s more to the storey still to be told?

Netflix has never been one to back out of a commitment to produce a limited-run television series. Generally speaking, if something is intended to be a one-time event, it will remain so.

However, with so many questions yet unsolved, there is surely room for it.

We’ll let you know as soon as there’s any fresh information, so keep checking back.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Cast Members

If season two is given the green light, we may expect to see Simona Brown reprise her role as leading lady Louise, the woman whose body was penetrated by psychiatric patient Rob at the conclusion of season one of the show.

Rob used the knowledge he gained from Adele (Eve Hewson) that she has the ability to shift from one body to another against her, learning her methods, taking over her body, and killing her.

Rob, under the guise of Adele, has been trying everything he can to keep David in his possession ever since. This eventually resulted in his assuming control over Louise, with whom he had fallen in love.

As a result, Tom Bateman will very certainly reprise his role as David, who is completely unaware that his new wife is technically both his old wife and not his old wife at all.

Confused? Yeah, that’s what we thought.

Robert Aramayo, who played OG Rob (before he started jumping into other people’s bodies) is the most likely candidate to appear in flashbacks as a result of the body-switching. Despite the fact that “Adele” (Eve Hewson) is no longer alive, there is a possibility that she will appear in flashbacks.

Do not forget about Louise’s son Adam (Tyler Howitt) and other minor characters such as Louise’s ex-husband and her friend Sophie, who all appear in the film.

In addition, we anticipate to see some familiar faces as well.

Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Plot

Behind Her Eyes Season 2

Behind Her Eyes is based on a novel, and now that the book’s narrative has concluded, it’s impossible to predict where the series will go next.

David now believes he is married to Louise, but we all know that Louise is no longer alive, just as Adele was, and that he is actually married to Rob.

“They [TV executives] wanted a brighter ending,” author Sarah Pinborough revealed in an interview with The Washington Post, admitting that some of the book’s harsher sections were purposefully left out.

“I believe they wished for Louise to be saved. You know, I get what you’re saying. That, on the other hand, was not going to happen.”

Among the events that occurred, “Adele” killed the household pet cat and performed an abortion in the body of Adele, but she said that both were lines that no one wanted to cross.

According to her, “I think it would have been a step too far for the show.” “Actually, if I were to rewrite it, I would definitely have left that part out. In addition, I’m relieved that they removed… the scene where Rob entered Adele’s body. She was pregnant [and Rob had an abortion] when Rob found out. That would have been far too gloomy for television.

Returning to a possible second season, David is still stuck with Rob (who is now inhabiting Louise’s body), and his chances of finding genuine happiness are once again on the verge of extinction.

They were beaming as they booked their honeymoon, but there’s just one place on their itinerary that they want to go: Disasterville.

Rob may have the appearance of the woman with whom David fell in love, but we all know he is anything but, and the cracks will surely begin to show with time and experience.

Will David, who is dissatisfied with his current relationship, find himself attracted to someone else, who will then become a victim of Rob? Alternatively, will the wretch finally meet his end?

Additionally, there’s Adam, who poses a difficulty for Rob, but this isn’t a plotline we’d particularly like to see develop.

“I’ve got to admit it was incredible,” Pinborough stated in an interview with The Independent regarding the audience’s reaction to the ending. When the show first aired, some members of the British press were dismissive of it, saying things like, ‘Oh, this is absurd,’ which was understandable at the time. That was followed by seeing people’s reactions on Twitter, which was making me smile as it went on for hours. It didn’t matter if they were against it; I was like, “Get on here.” It’s fine if you don’t like it. “It’s all right.”

There are breadcrumbs sprinkled throughout the storey that, according to Pinborough, point to the conclusion: “I’m a former teacher, and I get very teacher-like when people say things like, ‘She just drew it out of nowhere.’” Afterwards, I’m simply like, ” No, go back and take another look at it. There are some hints. It’s all there for you.

“When people assume [the twist] was something that was thrown in for shock value, I think, ‘No, that was intended all along.’” In addition, there’s nothing wrong with a little surprise.”

Behind Her Eyes Season 2: Trailer and Watch

Sorry, but there will be no trailer if the contract is not renewed.

So keep checking back, and we’ll let you know if we come across anything interesting.

As a substitute, you may view the original eerie trailer again and see how many indicators you missed the first time around…

The Netflix original film Behind Her Eyes is currently streaming.

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