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Biography, Family, Husband, Height, and Net Worth of Anne Breckell

Who is Anne Breckell Frances?

Anne Frances Breckell better known as Anne Breckell is a British famous spouse and manager of an international company. She is famous for being the spouse of Charlie Stayt.

In this blog, I’ll tell the readers about Anne Breckell’s biography, a career as well as her family and husband’s net worth, and many other facts you did not have known about her. Before we go on with this post, let’s look at her profile.

Profile Summary

Anne Breckell Biography

The British famous wife, Anne Breckell was born in the early ’60s (1960) in the Brickell family, which included the couple Mr. and Mrs. Breckell in England, United Kingdom.

As a child, Anne lived with her parents in her hometown and her home country, England, United Kingdom. In England, she was raised and born. It is likely that she had siblings with whom she shared memories of childhood.

In terms of her educational background, Anne is more likely than not to be a private person, so she isn’t yet disclosed detail of her educational background.

Anne Breckell Family

Although there isn’t much information about their family of Anne it is known to the general public the fact that “Breckell” is her family the name of their family. There is no information on her mother, father, or even her siblings that is made available to the general public.

As I mentioned earlier, Anne is a private person and I’m sure you are aware of what that means.

Anne Breckell Husband

Anne Breckell is married to her wonderful husband Charlie Stayt with whom she lives since 1995. Charlie Stayt is a public persona who is a television journalist and presenter by profession.

The couple is happily married since. Actually, the couple has two children. Phoebe Senara is the first child and the only daughter of the couple. Jake Hamilton is the second child and the couple’s sole son.

Their first and sole daughter Phoebe Senara was born in 1997, and Jake Hamilton, their second son and the sole child was born in the year 2000. In approximate time, Phoebe is 24 years old by 2021 and Jake is twenty years old.

Anne Breckell Height/Weight & Others

Height of Anne is 5 ‘ 8. In the year 2000, she weighed in at 65kg and had short hair and blonde and blue eyes that were ‘alluring. In addition, she has British nationality and is of the ethnic group of whites.

Anne Breckell Net worth

Fortunately or unfortunately the net worth of Anne is not known. It is due to the fact that Anne is a private individual and keeps all details about herself private. Being an employee of an international company, Anne is presumed to make between PS80,000 and PS90,000. each year.

Anne Breckell is a private person without a doubt, however, her husband Charlie Stayt is not and thus his net worth has been estimated. His net worth has been estimated at $2 million dollars.

His net worth comes from his primary job as a presenter. He is employed by BBC Breakfast as a news presenter and earns PS150,000 the station.

What do you need to learn regarding Anne Stayt? Please share it with me via your comment.

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