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Britney Spears should quit distributing naked photos for free and join OnlyFans, according to Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona has advised Britney Spears to stop sharing naked pictures for free and sign up for OnlyFans.

Britney has been on holiday with her fiancé Sam Asghari and posted a few saucy topless snaps for her fans on Instagram.

However, former Atomic Kitten singer Kerry thinks Britney should be earning money from the posts on the subscription-based website OnlyFans instead.

Kerry become a millionaire once again after users of the adult website lapped up her topless images.

She wrote in her New magazine column: “She looks bloody great, but she needs to save them all and get on OnlyFans.

“She could make a fortune doing that rather than sharing them on social media for the world to see.”

The star, who was previously in debt before joining OnlyFans, then joked that Britney should use her referral code.

During her holiday, Britney took to Instagram to declare: “Planning on having babies in Polynesia !!!!!!”

She made the bold statement alongside a string of gorgeous photos, with one showing her kneeling down in the water wearing nothing but a pair of yellow bikini bottoms with pink ties on the side and some jewellery.

She cupped her breasts in her hands to maintain her modesty and threw her head back to look up to the sky and let her wet locks dangle down her back.

A second cheeky snap saw Britney turn on her tummy and prop herself up on her hands while letting the waves splash around her.

Meanwhile, Kerry has been incredibly open about her journey from bankrupt to millionaire.

She had declared herself bankrupt in 2008 and again in 2013 as she struggled financially.

However, 2022 seems to be heading in a great direction for the star and her family thanks to fans purchasing her saucy snaps.

There’s been such a big demand that Kerry has claimed her kids are now back in private education and says she’s living in an “amazing home”.

It’s thought she had even purchased a lavish Lamborghini as she makes the most of her monetary return.

Kerry said of her page: “It has a lot of sexy pictures similar to stuff I’ve done before for magazines, but new.

“It’s made me a millionaire again.”

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