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Brits were urged to consume 124 pints in order to “rescue the nation’s bars.”

Finance experts have issued an appeal at the British public in advance of pubs opening next week.

Bars and pubs are allowed to open their doors to customers on the next Monday (17th May) following a lengthy third lockdown that has seen numerous pubs struggle to make it through.

According to the most recent estimates, about 2,500 pubs are closed due to lockdown. numerous others fighting an uphill struggle to recover their losses as the economy gets more open.

Campaigners have put together an ‘Your Local Bar needs You poster, which urges patrons to reach into their pockets in order to save the 40,000 pubs across the UK.

They’re asking Brits to consume one pint to provide the industry with the PS25.66 billion boost in cash it needs to return to pre-pandemic levels of income.

It underscores the severity of the crisis facing bars across Britain following lockdown.

A campaign poster that was released to promote the campaign reads: “The average pub will have to charge each patron another PS382 this year to counter the effects that Covid has created on the industry.

“Thank you for doing your bit!”

Company Debt’s website adds: “The Company Debt website adds: “With the most recent estimates suggesting that UK’s food and drinks industry has lost at most PS25.66bn due to Covid-19 , we wanted to know how much everyone in the UK should be spending to get to the pre-pandemic level.

“In particular, we were wondering what the extent to which this money would go to pubs, among the more troubled sectors.

“We have come up with the figure of 124 drinker per adult. This is which is based on a number of 52 million people across the UK.”

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