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Can somebody tell me anything about Maria and Derek Broaddus?

The unknown stalker known only as “The Watcher” terrorized MARIA and Derek Broaddus.

The Broaddus family received threatening letters at their new home in Westfield, New Jersey, from an unknown pervert who mentioned watching the family’s children.

Maria and Derek Broaddus—who are they?

In June 2014, Derek and Maria Broaddus, two ordinary parents, spent $1.3 million on a stunning six-bedroom home in Westfield, New Jersey’s green suburbs.

Unfortunately, they received a barrage of ominous messages when they began renovating the home in preparation for their move in.

The couple’s story is the basis for a new Netflix series called The Watcher.

Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale will play a fictionalized version of them, Nora and Dean Brannock, in the chilling show.Maria and Derek Broaddus—where are they now?
The couple, who were understandably eager to move on, put their house on the market multiple times between 2014 and 2016.

When given the letters and told about “The Watcher,” however, potential bidders quickly lost interest and pulled out.

In 2019, the couple ultimately sold the house for significantly less than they had paid for it.

Derek described it as a “traumatic experience” and said the family was “trying to move on” in an interview with The Sun Online.He did, however, issue a warning that The Watcher may still be on the loose, stating, “There is a mentally unhinged lunatic in that neighborhood.”

It has been said that the Broaddus family still resides in Westfield.

Maria and Derek Broaddus—what the heck happened to them?

In a campaign of fear, The Watcher delivered letters of danger to the Broadduse family.

Three days after the Broadduses closed on the house, Derek was outside checking the mail while painting inside.

A letter addressed to “The New Owner” in thick, clumsy handwriting and a printed note were inside.

The note’s author said that they had already started keeping an eye on the family, citing specifics like the family’s Honda minivan and the fact that they had hired contractors to remodel their house.

The final line of the letter said, “Let the party begin.”

“The Watcher” was listed as the sender.There was a deluge of correspondence after that, with some senders threatening the family and others referring to the kids as “young blood” for the home.

Who or what The Watcher is, or if they are still at large, has never been determined.

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