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Carl Woods’ cryptic remark regarding “trust” fueled rumours that he and Katie Price are splitting up.

CARL Woods has again fuelled split rumours with Katie Price after posting a cryptic comment on Instagram.

The couple have recently repeatedly denied breaking off their engagement, with Katie, 44, claiming her TikTok page was hacked when she appeared to suggest they had parted ways.

The former glamour model herself added more mystery when she was spotted out covering her ring finger.

Now Carl, 32, has adopted an uncharacteristically contemplative attitude on his Instagram page.

He uploaded a snap showing him beaming on a night out with the lads, and added the wording: “Reliability is the precondition of trust. @daniel_art_james @erx1 @kerry_nxlvfit.”

Fans took the poignant comment to mean he has split with mum-of-five Katie for good.

One fan wrote: “Hopefully you’re now single and got rid of all the drama Katie loves!”

Another posted: “She will have already someone lined up before you left !! 👏”

A third mused: “Cryptic as always.”

One then added: “He’s not said he’s split up from Kate he’s having a night out with his mates.”

In the ongoing are-they-aren’t-they saga, Katie last week insisted she and Carl Woods are still an item – after her social media announced they’d split.

Katie claimed she had been hacked after her blue-ticked TikTok account posted that it was over between them.

Katie later posted: “My account was hacked! I want to confirm I’m still with my fiance Carl Woods! ❤️.”

Yet in photos taken at the Polo this weekend, Katie is noticeably hiding her left hand on the family day out, keeping it away from cameras in each snap.

The Sun revealed last month that Katie had told strangers she was single during a boozy night out.

She has since been seen with her huge diamond engagement ring missing, as she showed off her new arm tattoos.

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