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Caroline Hawley (Antiques Expert) Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Auction, Flog-It, and Net Worth

Caroline Hawley Biography

Caroline Hawley is a British antique Expert, auctioneer and television personality. She is an antiques expert on TV shows like Flog It!, Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, and Bargain Hunt and also runs a successful antique business Hawleys Auctioneers in Yorkshire.

Caroline Hawley Age

She was born in 1967.

Caroline Hawley Education

She dropped out of school in her teens and went to London to study drama. She joined the University of Hull where she graduated with a degree in French. She has since specialized her knowledge of Costume and textiles, French antiques and C19th porcelain/pottery.

Caroline Hawley Family

Caroline has not revealed the name of her parents but she mentioned that her father worked as a British Aerospace and her mum was a secretary in the French department at Hull University.

Caroline Hawley Husband

Hawley is married to former footballer John Hawley since 2008. During his career, John played for many teams including Arsenal, Hull City Scunthorpe United and Bradford City. The couple owns and runs Hawleys Auctioneer, an auction shop that is based in North Cave and Beverley in East Yorkshire.

John started working in his father’s antique shop in Beverley in 1966, he had some time off for bad behavior but returned full time in1986 and has been dealing and now auctioneering and valuing since then.

She was previously married to Phil.

Caroline Hawley Children

She has two sons from her first marriage; James and Charles. She said that she went to labor while pregnant with Charles while she was in an auction bidding.

“I was heavily pregnant with Charles at one auction, and in fact I went into labour as I was bidding for something or other. I managed to buy it before I was carted off to the maternity unit!”

Caroline Hawley Auctioneer

Caroline is an auctioneer who first tried her hand at antiques and collecting vintage items when she was a teenager. She taught herself the trade and in 1983 she opened her first shop Penny Farthing Antiques, in South Cave, and built up a reputation as a savvy dealer.

During an interview with The Yorkshire, she said her interest in antiques came from; “When I went to auctions and bring and buy sales, things like that, in our village hall. I soon began selling little things of my own – but always for local charities. There was also a tip that we discovered, as kids, where people from decades back had just chucked things away – broken bits and pieces, old glass bottles for pop, things like that. To me, it was fascinating because everything told a story. I still love that aspect of the business, when I find something in, say, a house clearance or a valuation day, I always seem to look beyond any potential worth it may have, and I think to myself ‘Who owned this, who loved it, what is it telling me? What is the history here?’”

In 2001 together with her husband, they co-founded Hawleys Auctioneers which is based in North Cave and Beverley in East Yorkshire. They organise four big auctions a year at Beverley Racecourse, but then they also value items for probate, get asked to put a price on items and collections for sales and insurance, and they advise collectors.

According to the company’s website since their first auction in 2001, they have tried to maintain an Independent auction house in Yorkshire with the highest possible integrity.

Caroline Hawley Bargain Hunt

Hawley is an expert on Bargain Hunt since the summer of 2013 and joined the Flog-It in 2012.

“I first got involved in Bargain Hunt in the summer of 2013 after already working on Flog-It for a year. I did my first programme from Wetherby racecourse. It felt such a natural environment for me. The only difference was that we had a great camera crew in tow filming our every move!”

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