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Celebrity Race Across The World – Full line-up as Strictly star and singers join BBC show

The cast of BBC One’s much-anticipated Celebrity Race Across The World has been revealed.

A Strictly Come Dancing winner, a pop great from the 1990s, and sports stars have all agreed to take on the enormous task.

The show will have celebrities take on the challenge of Studio Lambert’s BAFTA Award-winning format Race Across The World, and comes on the heels of a tremendously popular series earlier this year.

This year’s lineup includes broadcaster Alex Beresford and his father, Noel; singer Mel Blatt and her mother, Helene; McFly drummer Harry Judd and his mother, Emma; and British racing driver and pundit Billy Monger and his sister, Bonny.

The epic adventure will traverse 24 nations and over 10,000 kilometers, beginning in Marrakech, Morocco, and concluding in Troms, Norway, regarded as the Arctic capital. The route will take the pairs through every landscape and culture that this part of the world has to offer, from the great North African city of Marrakech to the seaside ports and beaches of the Mediterranean, to unparalleled historic and cosmopolitan cities, the mighty Alps, unexplored Central Europe, fairy-tale Baltic States, and snowy Scandinavia.

The four celebrities and their racing companions will race to a finish line thousands of miles distant in this six-part celebrity version of the much-loved series – without the use of air transport or any trappings of modern-day life. All mod-cons have been removed.

They will have to earn extra money along the road and rely on the kindness of strangers to help them proceed without the use of credit cards, smartphones, or internet access, and with only the monetary equivalent of flying to their final destination. This remarkable adventure will provide a rare glimpse into the celebrities’ lives and interactions with their traveling partners.
The teams revealed their ideas on why they opted to participate in Celebrity Race Across The World.

The teams revealed their ideas on why they opted to participate in Celebrity Race Across The World.

“I thought it was a fantastic opportunity to do something we’d never done before,” Alex Beresford remarked. We’ve never backpacked before, so it’s a new experience for both of us. And, of course, to see some wonderful sites!

“You’re getting to see everything at ground level, so it’s completely different than just flying over – getting to immerse yourself in different cultures and communities.”

“I’m into exploring new things,” said Noel Beresford, “so this seemed like a good opportunity to see all the different cultures and how other people live and see how we get on.”

“For the experience, to be out of my comfort zone, to do something that I wouldn’t necessarily choose to do on my own,” All Saints singer Mel Blatt said. I’m always up for new challenges and pushing myself… And this is something my mother does all the time!”

“I like to discover new things and have experiences,” Helene Blatt said, “and it’s one of my passions – traveling, having new experiences.”

“I never traveled when I was younger,” Harry Judd stated. I traveled with the band, but I never went trekking, despite my desire. I believe my mother felt the same way; she always wanted to but married when she was 22.”

“Yeah, I was young, and one thing I think I’ve missed in my life, not that I regret it, was actually backpacking and going off on an adventure like this,” Emma Judd continued. So, when Harry got the chance, I thought, “What could be better than going on an adventure with my son?”

“We’ve talked about traveling before, but it would probably be a little different than what I imagine this will be like – in terms of doing everything on such a tight budget and staying in hostels and being tight on money for food,” Billy Monger said.When I told Bon about this chance, she felt it could be really cool.

“We’ve always talked about traveling and going and doing something together, but we’ve never actually been organized enough to do it,” Bonny Monger remarked. It’s not organized for us, and we have to do it ourselves, so it’s kind of like being thrown in the deep end and having to swim.”

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