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Claire Mould, Charlie Bird’s wife, is how old? Everything There Is To Know About Her Children

Charlie Bird and his wife Claire Mould would have to thank their workplace for bringing them together. 

Claire Mould is the wife of Irish journalist Charlie Bird, who has been retired now.

After her husband Charlie publicized his Motor Neurone disease, many have put their interest on Chalie’s health present condition and also his personal life.

Claire Mould Age: How Old Is She?

Claire Mould is aged 52 years old in 2021 as she is 20 years younger than her husband.

Well, several web portals have mentioned the two decades of an age gap between Claire and her retired journalist husband, Charlie Bird. So obviously since Charlie is 72 years of age now, it’s expected that Mrs Bird is in her 50s at present.

Their huge gap caught a lot of attention after the news of their marriage were publicized on the internet. But, as the saying goes, love has no age and Claire Mould and Charlie Bird made the saying go true.

Who Is RTE Charlie Bird Wife Claire Mould?

RTE Charlie Birds’s wife Claire Mould also works at RTE company as per her LinkedIn handle.

And, it’s a special place for both of them as they have first met each other over 10 years ago in the mentioned company. And, about 10 years later of being in a>Press Reader.

While Birds worked in the journalism departmmet, she was a part of the production department at RTE. In specific terms, she was involved as TV Promo’s producer at RTE.

Claire Mould Family & Children

Claire Mould’s family includes her husband and children.

Actually, the couple does not have their common biological children with each other till now.

With her marriage to Charlie, she becomes a stepmother of Charlie’s two daughters Orla and Neasa from his previous marriage with Mary O’Connor. Likewise, she also became a grandmother to Orla’s two children, Charlie Jr. and Hugo.

What Is Claire Mould Net Worth?

Claire Mould’s net worth is not explored in the net as she is a non-public figure.

As estimated by Fame Ranker, her husband Charlie has a collection of net worth of $1,596,000 and a salary of $457,800.

Where Is Claire Mould Now?

Claire Mould might be beside her husband fulfilling the responsibility of a wife taking care of her sick partner.

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