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Do Katie Price and her husband have children? Carl Woods Biography, Wikipedia, Age, and Net Worth

The man who got arrested shares the same age as Carl Woods. Fans are quite curious to find out if the man behind bars is him.

Professionally, Carl is a car dealer from Essex. The businessperson had previously appeared in Love Island as a contestant.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t make it into the villa. By the end of 2016, Carl owned almost 30 cars, one of them is a Lamborghini.

At present, Carl Woods’s age is 32 years old. However, we have no idea about his birthday details.

On August 23, 2021, The Sun reported that his girlfriend, Katie Price was attacked and rushed to the hospital. After the assault, a man was kept in custody with further investigation on progress.

Well, there are no sites that claim that Carl was the person who got arrested. So, we aren’t exactly sure if the reality TV star was the culprit.

However, the incident took place at around 1:30 AM. This means that Katie might have been attacked by her partner. But, this piece of information might not be true.

Surprisingly, the man in jail is also 32 years old. So, Katie’s fans are curious to find out if Carl assaulted his longtime girlfriend.

Is Carl Woods Rich? Net Worth Explored

Carl Woods’s net worth is more than $2 million. Indeed, he is a rich lad who can take care of his family very well.

However, we aren’t entirely educated on the topic of his assets. Owning expensive cars can say a lot about one’s wealth, and we all know the number of vehicles Carl owns.

Indeed, his fortune increases every single year. As per our prediction, his net worth by the end of this year should be greater than $5 million.

Recently, Katie posted Carl’s mansion on Instagram. Furthermore, the car dealer had revealed that he wanted to build a new house for them.

Is Carl Wood Katie Price Husband?

Carl Woods is yet to marry the love of his life, Katie Price. However, the couples got engaged in April 2021.

Soon, Carl will become Katie’s fourth husband. Currently, he remains her eighth’s fiance. However, he believes that this will be the last one as he has described himself as ‘different.

Recently, there were rumors of the duo’s split after Katie didn’t include Carl in an Instagram post. Reportedly, the caption says “My world in one photo”.

Nevertheless, both of them have responded neatly. On August 22, Carl posted a picture that confirmed that they had not broken up.

Get To Know Reality TV Star Carl Children

Carl Woods doesn’t have any children at this point in his life. But, he has expressed his desire to have kids with his future wife.

On the other hand, Katie has five children from her previous marriages. They are HarveyPrincess TiaamiiJunior SavvaBunny, and Jett.

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