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England’s Five Oldest Football Clubs

Football elicits so many varied reactions from people, both now and even in the early 20th century. The history of this sport is profound and extensive. Twenty-two people in a field in the 19th century kicked a pig’s bladder, and the rest is history. However, football evolved over time from a casual pastime to a serious sport. Although the game did not remain static over this time, several parts of this sport have undergone significant transformations. Twenty-two players still kicked the ball on the pitch, therefore the essentials were the same.

Football’s rise to prominence as a serious sport rather than a novelty coincided with the emergence of professional teams in England. In the 1850s and 1860s, things began to change. Some of these clubs are among the oldest in England and are still going strong today.

English club Stoke City
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5. Stoke City

There are just four clubs older than Stoke City FC in England. One of the largest clubs in the country. The English Football League Championship is where Stoke City competes. This league is the second highest in English football. The football team first used the name Stoke Ramblers when it was established in 1863; it wasn’t until 1878 that the name was changed to Stoke Football Club. In 1925, the club adopted its present and permanent moniker, Stoke City.

The English Football League was founded in 1888 by a group of professional football clubs, one of which was headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent. The team has been around for about 150 years, but has only won big championships occasionally. After that, they competed in and won the League Cup in 1972.

4. Notts County

The English football team known as “Notts County” was established there in the year 1862. The long-standing soccer club, which currently competes in England’s fifth level, has never been particularly successful. The two bronze medal finishes in the first division of the football league are Notts County’s crowning achievement. It is also noteworthy that in 1984, Notts County won the FA Cup, the team’s greatest accomplishment to date.

Before the Football Association was established, Notts County played a version of the game they created. In reality, it was “The Magpies” who pioneered modern soccer. Nottingham Football Club was established in 1862, and its early home field was Nottingham Castle before moving to Trent Bridge Cricket Ground in 1883.

3. Hallam FC

Hallam FC is a club that competes in the top division of the Northern Counties East League. The Crosspool, Sheffield-based football team has been around since 1860. The current English football league level for Hallam FC is 10. In 1867, the club made headlines when it won the Youdan Cup, the first international football tournament.

The club’s home stadium, Sandygate Road, is officially recognized as the oldest football pitch in the world by the Guinness Book of Records.

2. Cambridge University

The Cambridge University Football Club can legitimately claim to be one of the world’s oldest clubs. The Football Association presented the team with a plaque in 2006. In celebration of 150 years, an award was given. With this, the FA officially accepted 1856 as Cambridge University’s founding year.

Cambridge University’s football squad competes on the national stage. The team competes in BUCS at the moment, namely in the Midland 1A division. University sports in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland are overseen by Cambridge University.

1. Sheffield United

Sheffield FC, which was established in 1857, is the oldest professional football club in the United Kingdom. This club has been officially recognized by FIFA as the world’s oldest football club. Since Sheffield did not adopt Football Association rules until 1878, the Cambridge University Football Club continues to disagree with the ruling.

Sheffield FC received the highest honor in the sport from FIFA. The team has been honored with FIFA’s highest honor, the Order of Merit. This honor is quite uncommon. It has only been given to two teams in the entire world. It’s presented for outstanding service to the betterment of football.

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