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Everything You Need to Know About Joel Ideho’s Age

Joel Ideho’s age as of 2021 is 17 years old.

Joel Ideho is a footballer who has been playing a surprisingly good game for the last few years now.

And, thanks to his game, the athlete is turning into a prodigy. He had been in the eyes of managers of many popular clubs for a few months now.

Joel Ideho has played for under-18 teams as of now. There are reports he will soon be entering under-23 games for his new club.

Quick Facts:

NameJoel Ideho
BirthdayJuly 17, 2003
Height5 feet 11 inches
Weight70 Kg
Net Worth$1.092 million

Joel Ideho Age: How Old Is The Young Footballer?

Regarding Joel Ideho’s age, the footballer is currently 17 years old.

Joel Ideho was born on the 17th of July in the year 2003. He still plays as an under-18 player.

One can hardly tell if he is a teenager or not seeing his incredible gameplay in the field.

Initially, Joel played for a team named Ajax for quite some. Ajax was where his gameplay improved to the level that he was offered large money for transfers from big clubs.

Some Facts About Joel Ideho

  1. Talking about his physique, Joel Ideho stands at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches. He is healthy and fit and weighs around 70kg.
  2. Joel Ideho is an avid user of Instagram and uses it often to reveal information about his matches and games under the username @joel.ideho. He currently has 2941 followers on his account.
  3. Joel Ideho does not have a girlfriend and is currently single. He is trying to focus all his time and effort to become a successful football player and play for his country’s team in FIFA.
  4. Fifa Index states that Joel Ideho has a net worth of around $1.092 million as per his current gameplay and stats.
  5. Joel Ideho was recently signed by Arsenal and transferred. There, in Arsenal, he is training to play in an under-23 team.
  6. According to a report by One Football, Joel Ideho’s agent was unhappy because of the transfer of the player from Ajax to Arsenal. For more news click

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