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Fans said they could see Holly Willoughby’s reflection in the taps, so she deleted the photo

Holly in hot water?

Holly Willoughby may have revealed more than she wanted to yesterday, as she has since removed a picture from her Instagram feed.

It all started innocently enough, when the popular presenter, 40, posted a cute Sunday afternoon snap on her Instagram page for her 7.1 million followers to enjoy.

The picture showed closed blinds, and a bath with chrome taps. The foam from her bubblebath had made a heart shape, prompting Holly to write: “My bath loves [heart emoji] me…”

But several fans who had complimented her on how clean the bath looked, then zoomed in. They then replied to warn Holly to be careful as it appeared that her reflection could be seen in the shiny taps.

Although the image in the reflection wasn’t that clear, to be on the safe side and not to provoke any more comments, Holly has since deleted the entire post.

The mum of three was on ITV’s This Morning as usual today with her regular co-host Philip Schofield.

She hasn’t mentioned the incident on-air and has deleted the Instagram post without giving any reason why.

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