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Faye Winter of Love Island refers to former co-stars as “k**bheads” who aren’t her type

Faye Winter appeared on last year’s series of the ITV dating show, and spent the summer living with fellow islanders in the gorgeous villa in Mallorca, but confessed she disliked a few of her co-stars

Love Island ‘s Faye Winter has called some of her former co-stars ‘k**bheads’ who weren’t ‘her kind of people’.

The 26-year-old appeared in last year’s series of the ITV2 dating show alongside Chloe Burrows, Toby Aromaloran, Jake Cornish, and eventual winners Millie Court and Liam Reardon.

The ex-estate agent from Devon had a series of fiery rows with some of her islanders during the show, including Brad McClelland, who she famously fell out with after he kissed Chloe during a challenge.

“You’re the only person in here that makes me feel uncomfortable. You’re f* alright to look like but your f* personality stinks. And it’s only towards me,” Faye fumed during the argument.
She later laid into him when he began criticising Lucinda Strafford, and raged at the boys in the villa during an explosive row with boyfriend Teddy Soares: “I’ll fg fall out with all of you ps if I have to. I’ll fall out with every single pk in here.”

Now, she’s branded her co-stars “kbheads”, and while she refused to name anyone in particular, Faye said some of last year’s Love Island stars were not her “kind of people”. She said it was “obvious” who she was talking about, and told the Daily Star: “Just a few of the kbheads that went in it. There’s plenty that I could tell you, you don’t even need to watch me on the show and you know who I like and don’t like.”

Faye also swore at Chloe in a screaming match after she snogged Toby during a challenge, and her behaviour sparked thousands of complaints from viewers in the now infamous Movie Night episode.

The model is still with her boyfriend Teddy, who she met in the villa, and despite criticism over their relationship, she’s happier than ever.
She hit back at those who said they were moving too quickly when they moved in together shortly after getting back to the UK following their appearance on the show.

“Who is anyone else to judge what we do in our lives? I don’t judge anyone else for what they do in their relationship. Some people think they’re entitled to an opinion that I don’t think I am entitled to about others,” she told MailOnline.

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