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Finding an EPC Online

What should you know about EPCs

Presently, in the UK, the law requires you to get an energy performance certificate before you can sell or rent out your property to others. An energy performance certificate serves as proof to potential buyers or renters that the property is electrically safe. If your property has an excellent EPC rating, you can easily attract better-paying buyers and tenants.

As a landlord, you might have already done the EPC safety checks in the past and you were issued an energy performance certificate. If you are not sure about the EPC status of your property, do not fret. The internet has made many things easier than before. With EPC online, you can easily check the EPC status of your property with zero fuss.

EPC online has made the process easier. You do not have to get a new energy performance certificate if you’re not sure of your property’s EPC status. You can simply check your EPC online. The process of EPC online is pretty straightforward.

If you’re not sure about the EPC status of your property and you want to check the EPC online, follow these simple steps.

1.      Go to the EPC online register

The EPC online register website is the authorized site for all EPC related complaints. If you’re looking to find a copy of your EPC, the EPC online register is a great place to start. If you have an existing EPC, you can find it on the EPC website. 

2.      Enter the reference number

Once you’re on the EPC online website, enter the report reference number of the energy certificate you’re looking for. A report reference number has 24 digits. Every EPC has a reference number. If you can’t remember the report reference number (RRN) for the EPC you’re looking for, contact the energy assessor that drafted the EPC.

3.      Use the address property

You can also use the property address to get the EPC online if you can’t access the RRN. To use your property’s address for the EPC online select the tab on the left of your EPC online register website that reads “retrieve report using property address”. From here, you can now enter the property address to access a copy of your EPC online.

After you’ve got a copy of your EPC online, you can save it on your computer or print out a hard copy for future.

Frequently Asked Questions about Energy Performance Certificates

What is checked for during the electrical safety check?

To determine the energy efficiency of a property, the energy assessor will consider some factors. The energy assessor will need to access every part of the property before he can draft an EPC for the property. Some factors he will consider include:

  • How big the property is.
  • How much insulation the property has
  • The construction type used on the property.
  • The lighting system used on the property.
  • The heating system used in the house as well as the property’s ventilation system.

The energy assessor will have to consider how many fixed lights/ fixed energy bulbs are on the property.

The energy assessor will also look at the loft to know how insulated the property is. The normal recommendation for a loft is 270mm at the joists. He will also consider the type of wall used to separate you and your neighbor.

The energy assessor will also look at the windows. To determine how energy efficient a property is the assessor needs to know if the windows are single or double glazed. This can greatly help the assessor when producing an EPC. He will also take photos and measurements of the property.

Do I need an EPC when selling my property?

An energy performance certificate must be provided if you want to sell or rent a property to potential buyers and renters. The law requires all landlords to get a valid energy performance certificate for their property before selling or renting it out to potential buyers or renters. If you’re the buyer, you should know that it is the duty of the landlord to ensure that the property has a valid EPC.

If the EPC online is expired the landlord must make sure that it is renewed before marketing the property for sale.

An EPC is important to the buyer because it gives objective and first-hand information on how energy efficient a property is, how much energy the property uses, and the energy cost of maintaining the property. The EPC online will also leave suggestions on how to improve the energy efficiency of the property.

 If you plan on selling your property and you need help with a new EPC or with renewing the expired one, reach out to use on at We will be glad to assist you at a reasonable price.

Does every property need an EPC?

The simple answer is NO. Not every property requires an EPC. A list of buildings that are exempted from getting an EPC include:

  • Properties used for religious gatherings/religious worship such as churches and mosques.
  • Stand-alone buildings that are not dwellings.
  • Industrial buildings, non-residential agricultural properties that have low energy demands. Workshops included.
  • Temporary buildings that have a use time of 2 years of less than 2 years.

If you do not know any accredited energy assessors who can carry out electrical safety checks and issue an EPC, simply visit and book your EPC online.

We have qualified and competent energy assessors who will carry out the task at a reasonable price. We are one of the best around and our customer reviews speak for us. Contact us for a wonderful experience. We look forward to working with you.

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