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Gary Billings: Who Was He? A missing man from Essex has been discovered dead

Gary Billings, known among people as the founder of The International Primate Protection League, was missing from Basildon, and recently, his dead body was found, he committed suicide.

Gary Billings, a resident of Basildon, was reported missing, and the police were in his search. The police also posted his missing notice on their official Facebook and Twitter.

He was not found even after several days, and everyone started to panic about his status. Finally, he was found; however, he was no more. The investigation found out that he committed suicide. The details about suicide are still unknown.

The police are yet to release official reports from the investigation. The police have not revealed the findings like, where he was found, and how they got tips about him, so it can be expected those detail will soon be released.

How did Gary Billings Die? – Cause of Death

The cause of Gary’s death is suicide. He committed suicide; however, the police have not released information about how he committed suicide yet. Many speculations are floating on social media about his death.

People are wondering what pushed Gary to a point that he committed suicide. People remember him as a kind person who took care of humans as well as animals, so they are shocked by his suicide.

It can be expected that soon the police will release official reports of his death, or his family will come forward explaining the reason behind the death till then there is no way to know exactly.

Gary Billings Age

Gary Billing’s age was 35 years old. He went missing from the Whitmore Way on Saturday around 1 pm. After that, he was never seen until his dead body was discovered, he took his own life.

The deceased family was heartbroken. He was the father of his daughter and son. He touched so many people when he was alive. These people have taken social media to express their grief.

Especially, on Twitter people who knew him are showing their condolences and sympathies to the deceased family. They are also wondering what caused such a kind and exuberant person to commit suicide.

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