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Harki Bhambra

Harki Bhambra has been an Asian from the Asian continent. He is an English actor who is known for his performances in movies and TV dramas. He is extremely talented in his field and is highly praised for the quality of his work in the various roles he was given.

In addition, he is well-known for his role as Rab in the acclaimed television show Our Girl where he has already been in over 12 episodes in 2017. In recent times, he has been associated with the Endeavour television show Boby Singh and has been gaining popular recognition.

NameHarki Bhambra
BirthdayMarch 1985

10 Facts on Harki Bhambra:

  1. Harki Bhambra is a well-known English actor of Asian heritage, well-known for his roles in a variety of television shows and films.
  2. He was born on March 19,1985 in England and is now aged 35.
  3. He has already earned a reputable worldwide fanbase and is not even a Wikipedia profile.
  4. The exact date of his birthday are not readily available on the web.
  5. Looking at how he looks physically, he has a decent height and has maintained his weight, but the exact number of pounds are not yet determined.
  6. Additionally, he keeps his profile low and his details regarding his parents are in the sun and we do not have any details about his family.
  7. In addition, since acting is his sole occupation, the information regarding his earnings and net worth are not currently available.
  8. However, details of his relationships are secret from the public media.
  9. He is well-followed on social media platforms. He has 12.5k followers on Instagram with 3775 following on twitter.
  10. In his professional career as a professional actor, he has appeared in numerous theatres, television films and series. He is well-known for his character as Rab in our girl in Our girl and Jaz as Jaz in Two Doors Down. He started his career on the mainstream screen with the show Doctor Who back in 2015.

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