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Holli Dewees, a Supernatural actress, has died. Who did she play in the show?

Is Holli Dewees on Wikipedia? The actor passed away a few months ago from breast cancer. Her Supernatural family has supported her family and has even started a GoFundMe page to help them.

Holli was a very loving and thoughtful person throughout her short-lived life. She has starred in the  CW’s longest-running show Supernatural and is considered a family member.

The previous year had been an emotional journey for her after she was diagnosed with Invasive Ductal Carcinoma, a type of breast cancer.

Holli Dewees Wikipedia

Holli Dewees does not have her own Wikipedia page.

The actress was residing in Missouri with her family till her death. She was mostly known as a cast of the fantasy drama series Supernatural.

Besides acting, she is also regularly involved in volunteering activities for Random Acts. Hollie apparently worked at the US Department of Veteran Affairs before her acting career.

She seemed like a person who would support various social issues that needed awareness among people.

Furthermore, Dewees had also engaged at the Foodbank for Central and Northern Missouri.

Who Did She Play In Supernatural?

Holli had a role in the CW series Supernatural, but it is still unknown which season she had made an appearance.

Despite her minor role, she is very close with the other cast member of the series and is considered a family member. The show has a huge fandom on the internet, and many fans have come forward to help the deceased actor’s family.

Holli Dewees Age

Holli Dewees was assumed to die at the young age of 35 years.

Although her exact date of birth is not known, she celebrated her birthday on the 19th of March.

Dewees first opened up about her breast cancer a year back with a post on her Instagram. Despite her stage 3 diagnosis, she is still positive and willing to fight back the disease to become a survivor.

Who Is Holli Dewees Husband?

Holli Dewees was survived by her husband, Michael Dewees, and two kids Claire and Eli.

More details about her husband and family are still not disclosed. The family must still be trying to get over the death of their beloved member.

Holli loved taking pictures of her kids and often shared them on her Instagram page.

What Is Her Net Worth?

Holli might have accumulated some amount as her net worth.

There is not any source to know about her income before her death. Since cancer treatment is costly, she may have spent a huge amount of saving for her treatment.

Actor Jared Padalecki even started a GoFundMe page for her family to collect $10,000. They have successfully raised just over $25000, which is double the amount he expected to collect.

He referred to her as a #SPNfamily and claimed that she was loved by many who knew her and encouraged his fans to donate to her family.

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