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How do portable notaries operate?

Mobile notaries, also known as traveling notaries, are agents who move from one place to another to perform document signings.

Notary services are essential in almost all industries, including financial, real estate, and legal. Whether in your office, home, place of business or residence, these agents will come to any place you want documents notarized.

Typically, a notary agent can be defined as a public officer who certifies and attests documents signings to make them authentic. This article highlights everything you need to know about mobile notaries.

What do mobile notaries do?

Mobile notaries serve as a third-party witness. They certify writings to ensure that documents are legitimate and that all parties follow the laws and regulations of a given transaction. They usually travel to meet clients. For instance, if you work in the real estate industry and need documents notarized, a mobile notary will come to your location to notarize the signings.

The good thing about notary agents is they can be found any time you need them. Most of them specialize in rush hour and after-hours document signings. Notaries are located throughout each country, and it’s easier than ever to find local notaries in your area.

Although notary services are needed across all industries, sometimes it isn’t easy to find qualified and dependable notaries who can meet your needs. Scheduling a notary meeting during business hours can be challenging, but it becomes even more daunting when doing it after regular working hours. This means you need to pay even more attention to the kind of notary services you acquire.

Figure out where to find notaries near you for easy and convenient services. When shopping for your ideal notary agent, it can help determine factors such as agent insurance, turnaround time, accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency to get the most out of the notaries.

Get a mobile notary when you want them

Unlike the traditional notary office setting, a mobile notary travels from location to location to meet with clients in person. First, you’ll need to schedule an appointment and set the specific time and place you need the agent.

While notary services can be used in a wide range of industries, they’re especially popular in the real estate sector. Ideally, notaries will be part of the mortgage or loan closing meetings where several signatures need to be gathered and verified. Their services are particularly crucial in closing deals performed across the real estate lines.

Benefits of mobile notaries

Fraud is a common issue when dealing with certain documents. But if you have a notary agent present during the signing, you can prevent potential fraud. A mobile notary will collect signatures of all the parties involved in the transaction and verify their identities to keep the process authentic. Similarly, he or she will check the signatories against specific details and make sure that people aren’t signing the documents due to intimidation or threats. Using a mobile notary can be beneficial in many ways.


Notary agents are located across the country, and you can easily connect with local notaries. You can get a list of reputable notaries who are ready to travel to where you’re located via your local yellow pages. You can also conduct an online search to compare the notary services that are out there and find the one that best meets your needs.

Efficient transactions

Traveling from one location to another in search of a notary can be tedious and time-consuming. Mobile notaries save you the hassle of spending hours in traffic to travel to a notary office. They come and perform their services right where and when you need them.

Most importantly, notaries follow your schedule to ensure your other activities and responsibilities go as planned. And if you need your documents notarized past regular business hours, don’t worry: Most of these mobile notaries operate even after-hours and weekends.

Reduced costs

While the cost of mobile notaries may vary from state to state, their price is generally reasonable. You may be required to pay a flat fee when notarizing your first documents, followed by a reduced fee for other additional documents. Although mobile notaries charge for mileage and travel time, the costs are worth every minute they save you.

Unlike a regular notary, a mobile notary comes to your location to notarize signings, making them a much more convenient option. So if you have documents that need notarization, don’t hesitate to enjoy the benefits of mobile notaries.

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