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How Do We Quickly Locate the UK Birth Certificate Reference Number?

If you have the birth certificate, the reference number can be found in the upper right corner as one of the series of letters followed by a string of numbers.

Typically, the birth certificate’s top left or top right corner will have the reference number printed there. You will understand the significance of the birth certificate reference number with the aid of this article.
What characteristics does the UK birth certificate reference number have?

British birth certificate example reference to birth certificate

In the UK, the characteristics of the birth certificate number are provided by,

The central registration office or the local register office both sell printed birth certificates. At the bottom margin of the reference number, there will be a nine-digit system number.
The birth certificate number is made up of your date of birth, two-digit year of registration, and three area code digits.
It is in the birth certificate’s upper-right corner. State, sequential, and country codes are all present.

On the newborn birth certificate, ten-digit NHS numbers have been used in the past. Your birth certificate number can be found on the UK government’s internet database.

In the UK, birth certificates come in two different varieties. Short birth certificates solely include information about the kid, while long birth certificates include information about the parents as well.
Where can I obtain the Birth Certificate Reference Number’s issuing date?
The birth certificate’s issuing date is located at the top of the document. It is the date the certificate will be issued from the office, not the date of birth.

The birth certificate has a deadline for expiration. It is one of your identity’s permanent records. On security paper, it is printed. In the UK, every birth certificate will include a reference number.

In the UK, you can contact the registration office to obtain a copy of the birth certificate. The general registration office also accepts applications submitted online.

To obtain the birth certificate reference number, what details are required?

To obtain a birth certificate number in the UK, the following information is required. They come from,

Date and place of birth: The date and place of birth are two crucial details on the birth certificate. It will show whether a twin, triplet, or other birth occurred.

Name: A child is given a name at birth. The birth certificate will have the given name on it.

Father’s name: If you omit to mention the father, it will be assumed that the couple was not married at the time of the baby’s birth.

Mom’s maiden name: You can find the mother’s parents with the use of this additional information.

Father’s occupation: By using this information, you may ensure that you are inspecting the family’s certificate.

Signature, residence, and description: It is one of the parents; the grandparents may also be there, and other family members are present when the baby is born.

Date registered: Within 42 days of giving birth, you can complete the birth certificate registration.

Names entered after registration: Using the record of the birth certificate number, you can give the kid any name.

What is the most crucial justification for obtaining a birth certificate number in the UK?

You can discover what a certificate reference number in the UK is before understanding the significance of the birth certificate number. The key justifications are provided by,

Before they age five, millions of children per year pass away from diseases that can be avoided. Compared to registered children, unregistered children are less likely to be able to pay for or access health care services. However, a birth certificate certifies that the child has access to the health care and immunizations they require to remain healthy.

If there is no birth registration, a child’s enrollment in school may be restricted. Children will, however, have the required paperwork to enroll in a state-funded school if they have a birth certificate.

Government officials do not have a record of your child’s existence if you do not have an ID card. As a result, children are not adequately shielded from crime and abuse by the law. Effective birth registration, however, gives the kid legal protection and protection from harm.

It establishes a lasting record of existence. Reuniting families if a calamity separates children from them might be difficult without valid identification. Visit the UK Government’s official website for further information regarding birth certificates and reference numbers.

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Where can I locate the number on my birth certificate?

The Populace Reference Number (PRN) listed on Testaments of Live Birth was replaced by the BReN, also known as the Birth Certificate Reference Number. On the report’s central base piece, the BReN is imprinted.

Is the entry number the same as the birth certificate number?

Make a note of the testament number. In contrast, the birth certificate’s “Section No” refers to the birth authentication number.

In the UK, how can I obtain a complete birth certificate?

To obtain a copy of a birth, marriage, reception, death, or common organization testament in Britain and Ridges, you must enroll on the General Register Office (GRO) website.
Use this assistance to research your family history. with the GRO record reference number in the request.

What details appear on a UK birth certificate?

Name, orientation, birthplace, and date. father’s name, the place of birth, and occupation, if provided at the time of enrolment. birthplace, family name of the woman, her mother’s name, and, starting in 1984, her job.

What should I do if I misplace my UK birth certificate?

To obtain a copy of a birth certificate, marriage license, death certificate, or general organization endorsement in Britain and the Caribbean, you must register on the General Register Office (GRO) website.
You can use this assistance to investigate your family history. With the GRO list reference number, make a request.


A person’s birth registration is uniquely identified by a birth certificate reference number. Each birth certificate contains a unique reference number that must be entered when registering at a UK GP office or applying for a new passport.

In the UK, there are two different kinds of references. The first is the National Registration Number, which is given to each person at birth and is used to distinguish them in various UK databases.

The second form of reference is a special 10-digit personal identification number, often known as a birth certificate reference number or national insurance number, that uniquely identifies a person across databases in the UK. Both of these numbers can be obtained at your neighborhood NHS office.

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