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In 2022, will there be sexually autonomous robots?

In 2018, Business Leader dove into the developing sex robot industry. We stumbled onto a newly emerging market segment in its infancy. There was a growing buzz across the world about a novel and promising technology: sex robots. We went back to check on the business sector after four years to see how much had changed.

While conducting the initial research, we learned that there was significant interest in developing AI for the purpose of improving the sex robot user experience. The technology was cutting edge, as is so often the case in the field of technical innovation. It was expected by several industry professionals that the pace of technological advancement would soon outpace the required rules.

Different people have different views on the moral and ethical implications of sex robots.

The times are changing, and so must fashion

Before the outbreak, fewer than half of Britons claimed they favored online shopping over visiting a real store to make a purchase. Reuters found that after the coronavirus outbreak, over 70% of Britons would rather shop online or on their mobile devices than in a traditional store. There has been a significant and unprecedented change in consumer behavior.

Demand for erotica and related gadgets likely contributed to the rise in internet purchasing. Online sales of sex toys in the UK increased by 13% in 2020, according to data compiled by adult company Womaniser. This pattern appears to be universal. Sales of sex toys rose by 135% in Canada and 71% in Italy during the first lockdown.

The sexually hungry populace

Membership on sites like Onlyfans skyrocketed in tandem with the rising popularity of sex toys. Extremely successful users of the service have reported earning six figures in a single month. Women who make content on the internet have figured out how to connect with a sexually unsatisfied audience without leaving their houses.

As people spent more time at home, they looked for discreet ways to satisfy their sexual needs. The Florida-based company Sex Doll Genie reports a 51% rise in sales for February and March of 2020. They also claim that both heterosexual and homosexual couples are interested in purchasing their wares. Sex Doll Genie is hard at work on its own sex robot, complete with artificial respiration and a mechanical heartbeat.

Since 2018, how have advances been made in sex robots?

The new male sex robot, Henry, took a lot of time and effort to develop, according to the CEO of RealDoll subsidiary Realbotix. In addition to giving the robot a new gender, they had to give it a sexual orientation that would appeal to women. It looks like Henry is going to be a hit. From what we’ve heard so far, Henry will be powered entirely by artificial intelligence and will have a penis powerful enough to lift a truck.

Realrobotix has also made other advances in sex robot technology, including both male and female sex robots. The experts are brainstorming ways to provide the robots erogenous zones that can warm up on their own and produce their own lubricant. However, because to safety concerns, the next generation of sex robots may not be available to the public for some time. Obviously, deploying a robotic arm system strong enough to lift a car as a sexual partner requires extensive testing.

There is a moral, psychological, and physical risk if regulations aren’t in place.
Researchers from the United States claim that the field of artificial intelligence-enhanced sex robots is fully unregulated at the moment. Agencies, they claim, are too ashamed to perform thorough investigations into the most recent sex robot technology, therefore the technology goes unregulated.

As Duke University’s Dr. Christine Hendren put it, “some robots are programmed… to create a rape scenario.” This is a highly ambiguous situation, with advocates arguing that it will help reduce instances of rape in the actual world and opponents saying it will validate rapists’ fantasies.

The ultimate sexual taboo is being tackled head-on in Japan, thanks to advances in sex robotics. The creator of this childlike sex robot is a Japanese man who openly admits to being a paedophile. He claims the gadget will help him satisfy his sexual urges and keep him from assaulting a real youngster in the future. Critics argue that this will only give him the opportunity to act out his fantasies in preparation for a more dramatic step.

Most individuals agree that there is a severe absence of industry law, regardless of whether they are for or against the usage of sex robots to fulfill sexual taboos.

Where do you see sex robots going from here?

Harmony employs an AI that is programmed to learn artificially. The preferences you have for food, entertainment, music, and, of course, sex may all be taught to Harmony. She may study your history and your family tree, and then use that data to craft a discourse that sounds almost human. More sophisticated sex robots of the future will be built to simplify this sort of artificial learning, boosting the convincingness of their conversations.

Internal and exterior sensors are being created as part of a simulation system for physical reactions. These sensors will be integrated into the robots’ heating system and will respond to contact. When they come into contact with people, they’ll have natural responses.

In addition, facial recognition technology will be built into future robots so that they can identify the user and tell friends and strangers apart. One day, sex robots will have full mobility, including the ability to move, talk, and behave normally.

However, a sex robot will never develop genuine compassion. The question of how this will effect our ability to build true relationships arises when it becomes possible to have a connection with a robot without ever having to compromise.

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