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In an effort to extend its hours, HARBOR HOUSE will appear in court today

A Ryde nightspot is putting forward its latest bid to stay open until the small hours today (Thursday) as it takes the Isle of Wight Council to court.

The case of Harbour House will be heard by Isle of Wight Magistrates, as it tries to overturn a decision to deny it an extension to its premises’ licence.

The popular bar and restaurant is looking to stay open, sell alcohol and play music until 01:30, 7 days a week and submitted the application to the council in March this year. However, after hearing from concerned neighbours and licensing officers, the licensing committee rejected the extension.

In May, Karl Harding, from Harbour House, told magistrates at the first hearing that the application was misrepresented to the licensing committee. He said the evidence heard at the council’s committee was for a separate event run on a temporary event notice, not the current trading licence.

The event in question was in July last year, for which the venue received a formal written notice, with the threat of further enforcement action, after causing ‘significant disturbance’ to residents. The council’s committee heard how the event had a bass level, recorded at a nearby property at 01:00, higher than that recorded at the closest residential property to the Isle of Wight Festival.

The extension to licence would help the business grow and improve facilities for customers, said Mr Harding. However, the committee felt it had been persuaded by the evidence that no conditions could be applied to mitigate the harm caused.

Speaking at the first hearing, Edward Elton on behalf of the council, said the authority opposed the appeal.

Evidence will be heard from both Harbour House and the Isle of Wight Council later today and Magistrates will determine whether to approve the licence

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