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Is Adam Woodyatt a non-drinker of alcoholic beverages? Find out about the actor’s personal issues.

Does Adam Woodyatt not drink alcohol? The actor sheds light on his recent mental health problems. Here is the complete update on his personal life.

The Eastenders actor has been off the show for almost a year now. In an interview, he mentioned that he won’t be filming with the long-running soap opera for another year, at least. 

Among the longest-running cast of the show, Adam Woodyatt decided to take a break in 2020 citing personal problems. Later, he mentioned his mental health problems and also gave family reasons that would take him more than a year to be back. 

Does Adam Woodyatt Drink Alcohol? His Mental Health Condition Explored!

Adam Woodyatt does drink alcohol. 

The actor has often mentioned his love for gin, which led him to dive into the business of his own. He and his wife started their own brand of gin in 2017. It is called “Neat Gin.”

According to his interview, Woodyatt and his wife love drinking gin themselves and so decided to provide their best version of how a gin should be made. “Neat Gin” has become a famous brand at the moment. 

Moving on, Adam hasn’t suffered from any physical illness. So, the rumors about him stopping to drink alcohol are false. However, the actor did talk about being mentally and emotionally vulnerable at times. 

He is fine as of now. 

Adam Woodyatt Personal And Family Problems

Adam Woodyatt temporarily left Eastenders as he had personal problems. 

Moreover, the actor announced that he separated from his wife in 2020. Even though Woodyatt didn’t elaborate on the reason, the separation might be one of the reasons behind his temporary stepdown. 

When asked about his return, Adam said that he won’t be returning for another year. He is currently on tour with Looking Good Dead and the actor has his daughter’s marriage to attend as well. 


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Adam Woodyatt Parents And Children

Adam Woodyatt is the parent of two children. 

He and his ex-wife, Beverley Sharp were married for more than 22 years. They decided to get separated in 2020. However, they are still business partners who run the gin brand, Neat Gin. 

Adam Woodyatt is originally from Walthamstow and grew up in London. 

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Adam Woodyatt Age And Wikipedia: How Old?

Adam Woodyatt is currently around 53 years of age. 

Moreover, he is best known for his portrayal of Ian Beale in the BBC soap opera, Eastenders. He is one of the longest-running cast of the show, having joined it in 1985. 

One can get to know him on Wikipedia here. 

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