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Is Serhat Ahmet’s Wife Married? Everything You Need to Know About Age, Wiki Bio, And Net Worth

Serhat Ahmet is a brand new addition to the famous BBC1 show, “Antiques Road Trip”. His involvement in the reality show surely will make it exciting.

Serhat has been relishing his life as an antique dealer for years. He enjoys this arrangement of collecting ancient materials and dealing with proper vendors. He has been a dealer for European porcelain that of over 200 years old. Moreover, Serhat’s family has always worked as an antique dealer. When the time was suitable, he decided to continue what his family had started.

As of, Serhat has made his way towards the show business. The show “Antiques Road Trip” first got premiered in 2010. And, this year it is back with a bang with a regular dealer named Christian Trevanion and a newbie, Serhat Ahmet.

NameSerhat Ahmet
ProfessionAntique Dealer, Reality TV Personality

10 Facts On Serhat Ahmet 

  1. Serhat Ahmet is a British antique dealer picking up the pace to seek fame as a reality TV star. He has started his journey through the BBC1 reality show “Antiques Road Trip”.
  2. A newbie in reality TV but a veteran as an antique dealer, Serhat Ahmet hasn’t ever talked about his age. He is yet to disclose his date of birth and birthday.
  3. Serhat Ahmet doesn’t have a decorated Wiki profile of his own. However, we will be glad to give you more knowledge about him.
  4. He currently lives with his family in London, England and is a British citizen by nationality. This is the only thing we know of his bio.
  5. We can’t offer you the details regarding his net worth. They remain under wraps as he never talks about finances.
  6. How tall is Serhat Ahmet? Certainly, his height is also a mystery. We can guess his height from his pictures but can’t actually determine the exact number.
  7. Serhat has an Instagram page filled with photos of his antique collection. He has 998 followers as of December 2020.
  8. He has a self-titled official website. 
  9. Serhat is the 2nd generation of Europe Porcelain’s dealer.
  10. He exhibits for BADA and LAPADA.

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