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Is Sister Jane McDonald still alive? Janet Mcdonald: What Happened To Her?

Is Jane McDonald sister still alive? Follow the article to find out what happened to her and the family details.

Jane McDonald, best known for being a co-presenter at Loose Women is a professional actress, singer, and songwriter from Wakefield, Yorkshire, England.

McDonald, who recently provided new content to the viewers with the Channel 5 TV show ‘My Yorkshire’ is ready to go on a tour from this June.

With the busy schedule McDonald has been managing recently, the singer is assumed to be facing some personal problems.

Let’s find out.

Is Jane McDonald Sister Still Alive?

Jane McDonald has not informed any bad news about her sister.

While the people online are questioning about her sister Janet, most of them have assumed that she may not be alive at the moment.

However, Jane has not confirmed any details regarding her sister being lifeless.

With Janet McDonald keeping her life away from the public media, people have assumed about the unhealthy details of Jane’s sister which is not being proved by any means.

Jane McDonald’s sister must have been alive at the moment.

However, she had lost her loved ones recently, one is her partner Walter Rothe in 2021, and the other is her mother Jean in December 2018.

What Happened To Jane McDonald Sister Janet McDonald?

Jane McDonald’s sister Janet McDonald has been out of the public limelight. The singer has not revealed further details about her sister except that Janet was married earlier than her.

Jane revealed she stayed with her beloved parents till she was 45 while her sister Janet and brother Tony found their partners and moved on early on.

Janet, the Yorkshire woman is also revealed to be the manager of her younger sister Jane.

Further detail about Janet is not known and the news of her demise is not confirmed. As for Jane’s partner Walter, he passed away after a battle with lung cancer on 26 March 2021.

Jane and Rothe had reunited after decades in 2008 and soon became engaged.

Jane McDonald Family Tree

Jane McDonald was born to her British family on April 4, 1963. Her father was Peter and her mother was Jean.

Peter was a miner, who doubled as a chimney sweep. In the meantime, her mother Jean and grandmother ran a boarding house in Wakefield.

Jane McDonald has a brother named Tony McDonald and a sister Janet McDonald.

Jane was a wife to Henrik Brixen, whom she met on a cruise. They were married in 1998 but after Henrik became her manager and mismanaged her money, Jane fired and eventually divorced him in 2003.

Before she was married to Henrik, Jane had tied the knot with a man named Paul in 1986 only to separate a year later.

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