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Large breasts distracting nasty remarks

A WOMAN has acknowledged that having huge boobs may be a complete misery.

Men make strange comments, physicians advise her to think about getting a reduction, and she is continually told to cover up and that her chest is “distracting” by others.
Hazel, 22, shared her concerns with having a huge chest in a post on TikTok under the pseudonym @hazelmay38j.

Hazel was wearing a low-cut, blue crop top at the beginning of the video, exposing her broad chest.

She went on to describe the remarks she frequently receives because of her large breasts.
First, Hazel posted a stock photo of a mother holding her two small children, claiming that parents like that would tell her, “Mine used to be like that too, but wait til you have kids.”

She then shared a stock photo of a doctor because, according to her, these people frequently say, “You should consider a reduction.”

at addition to this, she later posted a picture of a woman working at a store that sells undergarments, claiming that the staff would tell customers: “Sorry girl, we don’t carry that size, but you should defiantly try our bralettes.”

She also showed a stock photo of a woman with a flat breast and claimed that this type of woman would look at her boobs and ask, “Omg, can I have some?!”
She continued by sharing an image of an older man, saying that people would frequently look as her and inquire, “Are you sure you’re only 15?!” while she was a teenager.

Hazel added that older women would criticize her for dressing provocatively, pointing out her boobs and saying, “You need to cover up, it’s distracting.”

Hazel’s video must have left many people speechless because it has already received a staggering 292,300 views.

There are 155 comments, 1,197 saves, 13.5k likes, and 212 shares.

People on social media were quick to praise Hazel and advised her to ignore the remarks.

Whatever people say doesn’t matter, one person asserted. Keep that lovely smile and just be yourself.

No matter what people around you said, you developed into an incredibly stunning woman, another person added.

“You are perfect the way you are!” exclaimed a third.

While another person exclaimed, “You are gorgeous!”

Someone else said at the same moment that “people always have something to say.”
Another person added, “Some people are so inconsiderate, they don’t think of one’s feelings.” in the meantime.

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