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Loni Willison, Jeremy Jackson’s destitute ex-wife, drags trolley around LA while barefoot

Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson’s homeless ex-wife Loni Willison has been spotted on the streets of Los Angeles where she sleeps rough in heartbreaking photos

Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson ‘s ex-wife, Loni Willison, has been pictured walking barefoot on the streets of LA.

The former swimsuit model, who has been homeless for almost six years now, was spotted in Venice on Tuesday for the first time in months in heartbreaking photos.

Loni, 38, was pictured rummaging through rubbish bins while pushing a shopping trolley – filled with what looked like her possessions – through the streets as passerby’s walked on.

The ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson wrapped up in an array of layered clothing which included a denim jacket, a flannel shirt, leggings and a scarf – but Loni was pictured without shoes as she walked barefoot while searching through bins on the street.

Loni was also pictured standing on the street sipping a McDonald’s drink before she puffed on a cigarette later in the day.

The heartbreaking photos are a stark contrast to Loni’s past glamorous life as a swimsuit model.

Back in 2015, Loni was a big star in Hollywood, and often appeared on red carpets at some of the most glamorous events in LA alongside TV star Jeremy Jackson.

The pair tied the knot in 2012, but after Loni began to suffer with drug addiction, her marriage crumbled and she soon fell on hard times.

The former model has been sleeping rough on the streets of LA for over six years now.

Loni broke cover for the first time in two years in October 2020 after she appeared to vanish without a trace.

Often the former model will go months without being seen and before her October 2020 appearance, she had disappeared for years.

Loni’s world appeared to fall apart when she divorced TV star Jeremy in 2014.

The couple were madly in love and were married from 2012 until their relationship crumbled two years later.

Back in 2020 when she was spotted for the first time in years, Loni revealed that she hadn’t spoken to Jeremy and had no plans on reaching out to him.

Instead, she insisted she was ‘doing just fine’ at the time.

“I haven’t got a cell phone. I’ve got food and I’ve got a place to sleep. I get money here and there and there’s food in the bins and near the stores. There’s lots here,” she said.

However, one year later, Loni confessed she was ‘stuck’ in a vicious cycle as she talked about the impact of being homeless.

Loni explained that before she became homeless, she began suffering from an increasingly severe mental illness.

The illness led to her convincing herself that she was being tortured in her apartment with electricity.

Unable to pay her bills or hold down a job, Loni was eventually evicted from her West Hollywood apartment and forced to live on the streets.

“I’m just kind of stuck,” she told The Sun in the US in February 2021.

“Even if I could ask for help there is not a whole lot anyone could do.

“I got electrocuted before I became homeless for nine months solid.

“Every f**king day and so I can’t stay in one spot.

“I can’t live in a building, I can’t live in a home, I can’t live anywhere because I have to move around constantly.”

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