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LuckyCrush is a novel approach to virtual flirtation that eliminates the need for in-person meetings

In 2019, three French co-founders started a chat platform that allows people from all over the world to engage in live video chat and virtual flirtation without ever having to meet in person. LuckyCrush had a 50% increase in registrations and a 20% increase in average time spent per user during the initial Covid shutdown. Relationships begin and finish on LuckyCrush.

They don’t even last a moment. To maintain its secrecy, anonymity, and transience, the site forbids its users to reveal any personal information.

How does it function, exactly?

LuckyCrush is a dating service that pairs random male and female chatters. Users can quickly cancel a discussion with their current companion and be paired with someone else of the opposite sex with a single click on the ‘next’ button if they are unhappy with their current conversation partner.

Currently, the site caters primarily to straight people, and more specifically, straight guys who have trouble finding a female partner on more established random chat sites like Omegle or Chatroulette.

It’s true that there are disproportionately more men than women using this app.
Once a person selects “male” as his gender on LuckyCrush, he is guaranteed to only be matched with female users and vice versa. There is a built-in sex discrimination detector. To ensure that there are roughly equal numbers of men and women online at any given moment, registrations are limited.

Matches are currently only made between people of opposing sexes due to the algorithm’s focus on maximizing the likelihood that both people in the couple will find each other attractive.

You can access it from your smartphone or desktop computer. The site and video call functions can be accessed from your mobile device’s web browser without the need to download an app. The site boasts over 1.5 million users from 100+ countries after only a year and a half online.

The site’s launch was marred by criticism over its practice of randomly matching users from different nations. It was inconvenient for many users to have to open a separate browser tab in order to translate the messages they were receiving and sending.

As a result, they hastily constructed an automatic translator that would permit users to communicate in their native tongue via text message while having their messages instantly translated into their conversational partner’s language.

It’s never been easier for people to have casual conversations with total strangers anywhere in the world.
When asked how they attracted so many women users, the startup team cited its automoderation technology as a major factor in their success, especially in comparison to random chat services and apps, which are typically avoided by women.

While sites like Chatroulette and Omegle may contain some questionable content, users who are reported three times in 24 hours on LuckyCrush are permanently banned. Therefore, on LuckyCrush, women have the ability to ‘clean’ the site of disrespectful male members, who are a common reason why women do not enjoy random chat sites.

Is it safe to do so, though?

Your LuckyCrush username is the only information shown to your chat buddy. You can even hide your face during talks if you choose not to share your identity with complete strangers. Having fun with total strangers online is possible while maintaining complete anonymity.

Keep in mind that you are talking to complete strangers at all times. You can never be too careful about what you say or exhibit on video; even if your partner seems amicable, you never know what their true motives are. Don’t act or say anything you wouldn’t want everyone to know about. Avoid embarrassing photos and videos of yourself being shared online by taking this precaution.

For LuckyCrush, what’s up next?

Despite the fact that the site’s launch was taken as a joke by the company’s founders, it quickly became a million dollar business, and the team had to turn their site into a legitimate firm complete with marketing, engineers, and capital to further expand the platform.

They claim that, despite several buyout proposals, all they care about is becoming the most popular and entertaining online chat service there is.

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