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Major development in the search for Madeleine McCann’s body after police explore a lake

What police may find in their search for Maddie McCann’s remains in a lake that the main suspect in her disappearance nicknamed his “little paradise” has been foreshadowed.

The German Federal Criminal Police (BKA), similar to the FBI, combed the area around the Arade Dam for several days last month. Just 31 miles from where Maddie, then 3, disappeared in 2007, they deployed sniffer dogs, radar, and search crews to thoroughly investigate the area.

Christian Brueckner, 45, the main suspect, called it his “little paradise” before he was arrested.

The authorities excavated a number of deep boreholes in an effort to discover evidence of whether or not Maddie had been thrown in. Detectives are expected to reveal that they have found nothing significant, which will be devastating news for Maddie’s family and their supporters.
Hans Christian Wolters, the German public prosecutor, told Bild, “Please don’t expect too much.”

No one has yet explained why detectives combed the area around the dam so meticulously. Teams of police officers were observed systematically down trees and clearing brush to reveal a space close to the water’s edge.

Photographs taken at the strange location appear to reveal the remnants of a camp, complete with shattered furniture, a shredded ship’s buoy, and what appears to be a toilet constructed out of a chair. An informant in Portugal told authorities that Brueckner had been to the spot days after Maddie vanished from her room in Praia da Luz, according to local sources.
The convicted paedophile’s nasty cache of 8,000 movies and photographs is thought to have been matched with geographical indications revealed in the tip. These hints, taken together, are what reportedly spurred the investigation at the out-of-the-way location.

It was reported that they were diving for a camera and a gun that had been thrown into the water, but sources inside the Portuguese police force quickly shot down such claims. Top German criminal profiler Axel Petermann believes the police were justified in excavating the location since it was so meaningful to Brueckner.
He said to The Britain Times, “The criminal abusers I’ve come to know over the years tend to hide their victims in places where they feel comfortable and can gauge danger.

These are hidden locations where they might pause to weigh the potential dangers they face.

They are also places where one can enjoy positive emotions and recall a personal experience in a special way.

It seems likely that people were looking in this general area.

“From this perspective, I think the investigators’ current search was very important,” said one expert, “because my recommendation when dealing with suspects in cases of missing people is always to find the places where these suspects spent time, where they had secrets, where they could assess risks.”

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