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Mayhew needs to find foster homes immediately for five kittens she discovered in a London park

On Saturday, April 1, a dog walker in London was in for the surprise of their life when they came upon six abandoned kittens at Freyent Country Park in North West London.

A worried dog walker made the discovery when she saw two canines staring intently at a moving cardboard box in the parking lot. When they opened the package to see what was inside, they discovered six neglected kittens, one of which had already tragically died.

The five surviving kittens were taken by a concerned parkgoer to the Mayhew animal welfare organisation in Kensal Green, where they received a thorough bath, some food, and flea treatment. One was experiencing shock-like symptoms and needed to be kept warm on a heat pad while being closely observed.

It was estimated that three of the kittens were four weeks old, while the ages of the other two were between three and four months. Staff at Mayhew gave them the names Elvis, Ed Sheeran, Rihanna, Paloma, and Faith before relocating them to a cozy cabin on the kitten block.

The playful kittens grow stronger every day, and they especially love chasing feather wand toys with each other.

Mayhew Head of Cattery Georgina Costi says, “We don’t know why these kittens were abandoned, but we are urgently encouraging pet owners not to leave their cats in parks as this is incredibly unsafe situation for vulnerable animals without owners.We encourage pet owners who are having financial difficulties to seek help from animal shelters and clinics or community organizations.

Foster parents are needed immediately.

“These five kittens will soon need pet foster carers who can provide a safe and caring home environment away from our busy cattery,” continues Georgina. Kittens’ emotional and behavioral development, as well as their future success as house pets, are greatly aided by the opportunity to spend their formative years in a loving foster family.

Foster mom Sana Shafqat from Mayhew says, “I learnt about fostering cats from a BBC Radio London programme in 2015. After learning more about Mayhew, I decided to give them a call. I was surprised by how detailed the application process was, but I understand now that it is designed to find the best foster homes for the animals.

She says, “If there are any queries or problems, you can easily get in touch with Mayhew for support. Also, I knew going in that saying goodbye to foster cats would be difficult, so I’d advise reminding yourself that you’re laying the groundwork for a wonderful new life for the cats in your care.

Visit if you’re interested in fostering one of Mayhew’s kittens.

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