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Natasha Giggs, the ex-girlfriend of Rhodri Giggs, ‘had sex with ten footballers,’ including her brother Ryan

While they were still married, Rhodri Giggs’ ex-wife allegedly had affairs with 10 footballers, including Rhodri’s brother Ryan.

Natasha Lever dated Rhodri from 2003 until 2011, when she shockingly revealed that, during their whole relationship, and although Ryan was still married to and had children with Stacey Cooke, she had been having an affair with Ryan.

Cheating A few weeks before her 2010 Las Vegas wedding to the oblivious Rhodri, Natasha had an abortion on Ryan’s kid.

Her public confession had devastating consequences, tearing apart the Giggs family and leaving Rhodri for years without his mother’s support despite his innocence.

Rhodri claims that it took him five years to get over Natasha’s betrayal, and that they are now co-parenting effectively.

In a recent podcast, he makes the allegation that Natasha cheated on him with more than simply his sibling.

As he put it on the James English podcast, “I could name ten footballers she had been with,” the Sun reports.

I travelled to Portugal with two bad boys after it all went down, and as I stepped into a pub, one of them was waiting for me behind the door with his pal.

As I entered the bar area, I turned around. He joked, “And all you heard was the door closing.”

According to Rhodri, “they are all at it” in the football world of cheating.

Everyone is hooking up with everybody else. The caller might even be a romantic interest. He said, “It’s twisted.”

Ryan’s career merited putting him in the spotlight. But with his actions, he has forever stained his family name.

Rhodri and Natasha say they have reconciled after the grief of the betrayal, which at one point was so awful he would have run his brother over if he’d seen him in the street.

We can’t play around anymore since we have a family now, he said.

The Sun reports that Natasha, who appeared on Celebrity Big Brother a year after her shocking confession, is aware of the allegations made by Rhodri in the podcast.

She said to the publication, “While Rhodri’s recollection can differ from the truth at times, I have no issue with him talking about his version of events as it is all part of his healing process.”

“I have very much moved on from incidents that occurred 10 to fifteen years ago, and I have no interest in rehashing them.

forth my opinion, Rhodri and I have put forth a lot of effort over the past decade to build a strong bond as parents to our son.

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