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Nikita Jasmine Family Ethnicity – See Before Plastic Surgery Photos

Nikita Jasmine has embarrassed her family name with her behavior at a national show. Let’s delve into the matter.

Jasmine came to attention after her appearance in Married at First Sight UK. She is known for her sassiness and her unwavering confidence.

She got married to Ant Poole from the show MAFS UK.

MAFS: Nikita Jasmine Family Ethnicity

Nikita Jasmine was born to her family on 13th July 1994. She belongs to mixed ethnicity.

The young celebrity holds British nationality and is Christian by religion.

Jasmine’s father is a businessman who walked her down the aisle on her wedding day.

Whereas her mother is a housewife and originally from Thailand. She apparently is not close to her mom.

The couple also has a son, Nikita’s brother whose identity is not revealed yet. Her Grandfather John is 90 years old as of now.

Nikita’s Grandmom, Veronica Heslop was 85 years old when she passed away on 11th May 2020. She was with her grandmom along with other family members till her last breath.

Nikita reportedly grew up with her Grandmom till she was 16 years old. Even when she moved out of the house she use to frequently visit her granny who lived only a two-minute drive away.

The 27-years old artist used to visit Portugal every year with her grandmother. She also expressed she will miss her late grandmom cooking and singing for her. We hope she rests in peace.

Photos: Nikita Jasmine Before and After Plastic Surgery

Nikita jasmine appeared as a completely different person after Plastic Surgery. If we go through her before and after photos, we can see that now she has a fuller facial structure.

She admitted to having done breast enhancement surgery and had a Brazilian Butt Lift a few years before she made her public appearance.

The MAFS star also straightened her teeth which is like a trend nowadays. Who does not like straight and shining teeth?

She also mentioned the hashtag of Jennifer Smith Aesthetic. Jennifer Smith is an aesthetic practitioner who has a natural talent in lip enhancement and has specialized in the advanced anti-aging procedure.

Nikita is not just particular about her own looks but she also had specific criteria for her future husband. She was looking for a man who is 6ft tall and had broad muscles. She also prefers a man with nice teeth and green eyes.

What happened to Nikita Jasmine MAFS UK?

Nikita Jasmine was officially removed from MAFS UK after she showed aggressive behaviors in the public reality show.

She reportedly violated E4’s Code of Conduct. She was removed in the middle of the dinner party when she started screaming and shouting without any filter.

The matter escalated when she asked the fellow contestant Jordan about his opinion on his wife. When Jordan answered with displeasure, Nikita seemed to have had enough.

She has since then apologized to Channel 4 and has resolved the conflict with the people who were involved.

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