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Paige Yeomans is Pete Sandiford’s girlfriend

Pete Sandiford recently got married to his fiancée, Paige Yeomans. Find out more about the Pete Sandiford fiancée turned girlfriend and her Instagram information.

A private wedding ceremony Pete Sandiford of Gogglebox married his girlfriend Paige Yeomans, calling it “the second happiest day of his life.”

Pete revealed the wonderful announcement immediately following Paige was born to the couple’s baby son. Pete became father for the very first time. “I’m married now!”

It was a stressful day, but it was the most enjoyable day of my life. It’s actually my second most memorable day since becoming now a father.

Pete and his sibling Sophie are among the most popular Gogglebox actors.

Pete was added to the program in the year 2018 and is well-known for his hilarious reactions and antics when watching TV.

Pete SandifordWife Meet the Actor’s new wife Paige Yeomans

In February of 2021 Peter announced that Peter and Paige were planning to get married much to the delight of Gogglebox viewers.

Pete announced Paige’s pregnancy two months later , at the 26th Annual National Television Awards on September 9, 2021 and Paige was born two months later.

Interview with OK! magazine , on October 10, 2021 Pete said that the couple had secretly gotten married.

Pete 26-year-old Pete posted a picture of Paige on Instagram in October 2020. He in the caption “My Mrs and best pal, what more could I ask for?”

In the infamous Instagram revelation, Pete revealed Paige is his “best pal” and his “Mrs.” Paige’s Instagram account is private and her Facebook profile is also hidden.

Paige Yeomans Bio Details

Paige Yeomans is the wife and mother of Gogglebox celebrity Pete Sandiford.

She is currently employed as an emergency handler. She holds obtained an English Language and Linguistics degree from Queen Mary University in London.

For the 2019 year she was awarded her diploma.

On April 20, 2021 they revealed the birth of their baby two months after their wedding.

Pete stunned fans when he announced at his appearance at the NTAs the fact that his wife gave the birth of a son.

Pete 26-year-old Pete posted an Instagram image of the couple from the previous year that revealed that they were dating since the year 2019.

Paige Yeomans Age: How Old Is She?

Paige Yomans’ exact age is not known to the media at this time. But, Paige seems to be between the ages of between 22 and 26 years old.

Pete lives in Blackpool Pete lives in Blackpool. Paige is employed in London So, Paige and Pete are together on a long-distance basis.

It’s also possible that Paige is back in Blackpool after graduation, but hasn’t been updating her LinkedIn profile since when!

Based on the information on her LinkedIn profile, Yeoman has worked as an emergency handler for service calls in London for three years. which she began while at university.

It’s not known how the couple has been in contact or how they got together since they keep their private lives private.

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