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Sally Nugent was replaced on BBC Breakfast, but fans liked the new pair

While regular hosts Sally Nugent, Carol Kirkwood, Charlie Stayt, and Naga Munchetty have been enjoying their summer break, fans of the early morning show have been raving about the show’s newest guest host.
After Sally Nugent was replaced on BBC Breakfast, audiences were pleased with the show’s new direction.

Sally Nugent, who has hosted the show regularly since 2021, was replaced on the red sofa by a new host on Wednesday. Her regular co-host, Jon Kay, remained unchanged. Fans of the early morning show wanted the new presenting partnership to stay, so business journalist Victoria Valentine was placed with Jon.
One user on Twitter pleaded, “Can we have the wonderful Victoria Valentine every day please?” while another pleaded, “Please can you make Jon Kay and Victoria Valentine a permanent pairing?”#BBCBreakfast.” Victoria, who typically hosts BBC World News, was requested by another dedicated viewer as a permanent host. I’d tune in to #BBCBreakfast every day if Victoria Valentine hosted, somebody said on Twitter.
Another person speculated, “Victoria is doing well, surely she’s next in line for the top job,” and many people commented on how well Victoria and Jon got along. They speculated, “There was such a nice, easygoing atmosphere at breakfast today that perhaps John and Victoria could be a permanent duo.” In addition, one viewer commented, “I must say Victoria is a breath of fresh air on BBC1 breakfast this morning #BBCBreakfast,” while another called it “an absolute pleasure” to have her on the sofa.

Normally I have to get up at 5 in the morning to watch the business news, but I always look forward to waking up to BBC breakfast and seeing Victoria on the sofa, as one fan put it. Still, there were many who welcomed Sally’s return to the couch with open arms. While another remarked, “She was nice – but I have to say I prefer Sally,” they quipped, “What you done with Sally?”Other regulars on BBC Breakfast including weather reporter Carol Kirkwood (replaced by Sarah Keith-Lucas) and hosts Charlie Stayt and Naga Munchetty (both on sabbatical) have been noticeably absent in recent episodes. Before the summer break started, Jon went on a luxurious vacation to Corsica, causing some to speculate that the hosts were merely taking it in turns to get away.

BBC executives got into some trouble earlier this month because to Sally, who made a mistake on air and necessitated an apology from the network. Sally’s “infamous” characterization of the WWII heroism of the Dambusters Raid prompted public backlash. She announced in the live show that “tonight a special anniversary flypast will take place over Lincolnshire,” commemorating 80 years since the time when 19 Lancaster bombers participated in the notorious Dambusters Raid.

The BBC then published an apology for the remark and explained what Sally had meant to convey in a statement on the BBC Complaints website. “When teasing what was to come on the program, we did inadvertently refer to the Dambusters Raid as infamous,” the explained. We talked about the ‘famous’ raid later when the main item aired. We regret this blunder and any offense it may have caused. This happened during a live broadcast, and we apologize.

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