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Sandra Zouma is Kurt Zouma’s wife. What Did She Say About The Cat-Kicking Scandal?

Sandra Zouma, the wife of Kurt Zouma, is a French woman who is known to many as the wife of Kurt. Sandra and Kurt Zouma have been married since 2012 and they are blessed with five lovely children.

Sandra Zouma is a proud Muslim and the names of her children are Shanna, Sihame, Sanaa, Ryan and Kais Zouma. Sandra Zouma works as a project manager for a charity, Seed, that seeks to promote education in the African continent.

Sandra Zouma is active on Instagram with the handle @sandrazouma and she has over 22,000 followers.

What Has Sandra Zouma Said About The Cat-Kicking Incident?

Sandra Zouma has been very supportive of every plight of Kurt Zouma and in his latest cat kicking incident, Sandra has still been a supportive rock to Kurt Zouma.

Sandra Zouma has helped Kurt to offer a sincere apology concerning his bad act of kicking and slapping his pet cat.

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