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Sarah Parish is evacuated back to the United States after fracturing her back in Turkey

Sarah Parish was airlifted home after breaking her ribs and fracturing her spine in Turkey.

The actress, 53, had been sunning it up in Turkey when she suffered a nasty fall on Saturday, leading to her being hospitalised abroad.

Taking to her Instagram on Wednesday, she updated fans and told them she was on her way back home, in an air craft.

“I’m home!! Thank you @thejimmurray for getting me here and sorting everything out,” she wrote alongside a selfie, which was taken during the journey.

Last week, Sarah shared the news of her broken back with fans.

The W1A and Bancroft star looked tired as she shared a selfie from her hospital bed and wrote: “A broken rib?? No, no, that’s not enough for this f*** wit. Let’s pop in to the equation a nasty fall on a very hard surface resulting in a fractured spine. Yes, that’s better.

“Spending a couple of extra days in Turkey but not at the lovely @hillsidebeachclub. At the local Turkish hospital. FFS. Life really does appear to be taking a massive dump on my head right now.”

Her friends flocked to the comments to wish her well, with Catherine Tyldesley writing: “Oh bloody hell love! Get well soon! Xxxx.”

While It’s A Sin writer Russell T Davies commented: “Ouch!! Get well.”

Lisa Faulkner wrote: “Honey I can’t believe it. Just hope you are ok. Lots of love.”

While another wrote: “My dearest Sarah I am so sorry you poor thing. I hope you are not in too much pain and that you are able to get out and back to Nellie and Jim as soon as poss. Love you so much and sending you — my hero — all the positive vibes and strength in the world!”

It comes after Sarah broke her leg while trying to snowboard on a plastic sledge in 2018.

Sharing photos of herself being tended to paramedics on Instagram at the time, she wrote: “‘No sleep last night, was on enough Morphine to knock the Navy out but still in pain.

“Note to self: cheap plastic sledges are for sitting in and gently trundling down primary slopes NOT a substitute for a stand up snowboard.”

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