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Season 9 of AHS is titled 1984 for a reason

Last year, American Horror Story Season 9 concluded on FX.

And right after that, the production of American Horror Story Season 10 kickstarted. However, then because of the COVID-19 pandemic, its shooting got further delayed.

Now, once again, its production has begun in October 2020. If everything goes right, FX will air the horror series on its platform by next year.

Meanwhile, If you haven’t yet watched American Horror Story Season Nine, Netflix US is all set to release it on their streaming platform by next month. Earlier, the availability of American Horror Story Season Nine was in doubt as Netflix removed season 8 from its platform.

Now, keeping all the rumors aside, Netflix has itself confirmed its Netflix release date via its schedule on its apps.

American Horror Story Season 9 Netflix US Release Date

In the past, Netflix canceled many FX shows. However, American Horror Story was an exception.

Like all the previous seasons that came before, American Horror Story season nine was expected to arrive in September or October 2020. However, that didn’t happen.

We then suspected season nine wouldn’t come when Netflix lost the rights to season eight in September 2020 but with the other previous seasons still available.

However, in October 2020, thanks to the app’s notification, we know that season 9 of American Horror Story is coming to Netflix US on November 13th, 2020.

American Horror Story Season 9: Region-Wise Schedule

Netflix US will air American Horror Story Season 9 in November. What about other countries?

Well, Netflix Uk usually aires American Horror Story Season Nine before its release on Netflix US. So, Netflix UK can expect it to air sometime before 13 November.

Netflix lost the rights to stream American Horror Story Season 9 on their platforms. So, American Horror Story Season Nine isn’t gonna air on Netflix Australia.

Apart from these countries, these countries will get American Horror Story Season Nine on Netflix:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • Japan
  • Singapore
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

American Horror Story Season Nine Premise

By now, you know when American Season 9 will release on Netflix in their respective region.

And if you haven’t seen the latest season on FX, then you must know its premise. As the total suggests, American Horror Story 1984 takes you back to 1984. With this horror story, filmmakers tried their best to give a tribute to the classic film Friday the 13th.

The story follows 5 friends from Los Angels. In the summer, they’re heading back to Camp Redwood to work as counselors.

And within the same time frame, the infamous killer “Mr. Jingles” escapes from the prison. He’s famous for the wrecking massacre in Cam Redwood. After his escape, he returns to Cam Redwood.

Now, the questions remain,

Will he continue his massacre?” or

Will the Prison Guards catch him?

Well, to find the answers, you need to watch American Horror Story Season Nine on Netflix.

American Horror Story 1984 Trailer

Final Thoughts

Even though Netflix has gotten success in retaining the American Horror Story tv series on its platform.

You can’t say it’ll stay there for a lifetime. Once the contract between Netflix & FX expires, the streaming platform will bid farewell to American Horror Story.

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