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Silvia Caballol: Who Is She? Her Wikipedia page and information about her husband have been investigated

Who is Silvia Caballol? She is currently for her affair with bishop Xavier Novell. Here is everything to know about the Bishop’s girlfriend.

Respected Bishop Xavier Novell has accepted his resignation from the Church. Citing “personal reasons” for leaving, the real reason seems to be his relationship with a woman.

Silvia Caballol is a name that comes to mind of every Catholic right now in Spain.

She is a satanic novelist who wrote the infamous erotic novel Gabriel’s Hell of Lust with satanic undertones.

Who Is Silvia Caballol?

Silvia Caballol is the girlfriend of the famous Spanish Bishop Xavier Novell.

But the most intriguing detail of their relationship is Silvia is an erotic novelist and satanic fiction. Her most famous books are Gabriel’s Hell of Lust with satanic undertones.

Likewise, Xavier was a famous bishop known for exorcisms, so it was very unorthodox when the news broke about his girlfriend.

However, Novell is no longer a bishop and quits his job for life because of his partner.

An exorcist is known for his ultra-conservative views, has resigned himself to be with his mistress, a writer of erotic satanic novels.

Silvia Caballol Wikipedia And Age

The age of Silvia is revealed to be 38 years old.

She was born in 1983 and is significantly younger than her partner, who is 52 years old in age.

Also, Silvia doesn’t have a Wikipedia bio yet, but she has made headlines on many news websites.

She is also on magazines after their relationship with Novell went public. However, she is an exceptional writer who has written many books to date.

Most of her books are satanic fiction, and the rest are erotic.

Silvia Caballol Husband

Xavier Novell is not yet the husband of Silvia.

Regarding the situation, Xavier Novell confirmed that he is stepping down to be with his girlfriend.

Since it was impossible to be an exorcist bishop and to date a writer of satanic novels at the same time, the 54-year-old chose to love his faith.

Imagine other bishops and Catholics around the world not impressed by your decision. Many bishops have suggested that his body be taken and exorcised.

Silvia On Instagram

Silvia’s official Instagram account is not available yet.

Likewise, her partner’s Instagram account could also not be found on the web. The couples must be far from social media sites.

Moreover, Xavier and Silvia both have made good net worth from their career.

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